Linkin Park In Concert At The Joint At the Hard Rock

You are now asked to pick sides between Linkin Park and Sublime’s kinda-sorta-reunion thing Sublime With Rome. Have fun with that. The two bands had a show together at the KMFA Day concert this past Saturday in Tucson, Arizona. And after the show, Sublime With Rome frontman Rome Ramirez took to twitter, accusing Linkin Park of calling the police, who then confiscated Sublime’s weed while Sublime was onstage. This is obviously a supreme party foul, and it will forever leave the band open to the unfortunate Linkin Nark nickname. But the members of Linkin Park have said that this isn’t true. Also, a rep for Sublime With Rome has said that Linkin Park offered to replace the band’s confiscated weed, which is a fun conversation to imagine. Check below for the relevant tweets.

(via Alternative Nation)

Could a whole band be allergic to pot? Is that a thing? Also, why don’t we all use the phrase “bitch shit” more often in our lives?

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  1. And they say weed doesn’t make you paranoid.

  2. Said Linkin Park to the press about their weed allergy, “I need a little room to breathe — CAUSE I’M ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE EDGE AND IM’MA ‘BOUT TO BREAK!!!”

  3. Some folks say smoking herb is a crime /
    if they catch you smokin they’re bound to drop the dime /
    Insufferable informa crazy fools /
    wait with their fingers crossed for you to break the rules.

  4. Let’s not forget the most important bit of information here: both of these bands are fucking terrible.

  5. I’m actually having a hard time deciding which band I hate more. I guess Sublime, because they are beloved by bros, whereas Linkin Park are only beloved by angsty teenagers, who are easier to ignore. Then again, Sublime never wrote “Crawling”. Then again, Linkin Park never wrote “Date Rape”.

    • It’s definitely a toss-up on who I despise more. If we’re talking about just Sublime WITH Rome and not Sublime with Bradley, I’ll vote for them as the “more hated band” any day of the week over LP. Having met Rome at a hotel party a couple years ago, I can attest that the guy is beyond a douche bag bro. He threw an entire bottle of champagne into the hotel room wall, laughed while looking around at all of us for approval of his “rock star debauchery” display, and then sat on one of the beds telling everyone to “hush” while he played songs off his upcoming “solo” album from his iPod. True story. I finished my drink and promptly left, since I was only there for the free booze in the first place.

    • So you hate a band because of some broad judgemental bullshit about its fanbase? Oh, “bros” like Sublime? How can you spot them? Is it the use of the word “bro”? Or the cargo shorts? They must be terrible people, right?

      What kind of category do you put yourself in…or are you exempt from the same kind of judgement? Instead of judging you on the superficial stuff you seem to value, I’ll categorize you as an “asshole” because of your actions (for example, your ignorant post and perpetuation of this dumb “bros” obsession).

      Mayonaise is one of my favorite SP songs and I think you’re missing the point of the lyric “I just want to be me”…

      • So…u mad, bro?

      • Does this mean I can’t come to the frat party?

        • Oh, I get it! Because all people that have been in frats are the same kind of jerk, right? Your friend must think you’re hilarious.

          Sorry to disappoint you but I’ve never been in a frat. I do have some friends that were, though. Careful now, I said SOME friends…many of my other friends were not in frats, like me. Some were music majors like me. Some played a sport in college like me. Some were into drama and philosophy like me. You still judging me? Is it mind blowing to you that I’ve never been in a frat, but was a music geek and also found time to care about one sport AND philosophy? Goes against your whole theory on understanding people, eh? Like…holy shit, is it POSSIBLE to be friends with people that were in frats and also be an intellectual career musician? Does that mean they were less fratty or am I less intellectual or musical?

          I never liked a single Linkin Park song in my life and have zero interest in Sublime with Rome, too. I wasn’t defending myself, because I’m not the “bro” you’re referring to…but I’m addressing the issue because I’m tired of hearing this immature “bro” perpetuation, or broad and unfair generalizations of people in general. This may sound strange to you but it’s not that unusual for open-minded, kind, and conscientious people to do.

          Maybe one day you’ll understand. Maybe not.

          • Easy there, Bro Defender (won’t somebody PLEASE think of the bros??). I also have friends who were in frats (and a girlfriend who loves college sports, crazy right?) except mine tend to have a sense of humor about themselves. They’ll be the first to tell you that the majority of bros are obnoxious douchebags. But way to use my cheap potshots at an incredibly silly subculture to assume loads of things about my worldview.

            Sublime sucks regardless of their fans, but a band’s fanbase tells you a thing or two about the band.

          • The majority of people that use Smashing Pumpkins album covers for Stereogum avatars and refer to groups of people as “bros” are obnoxious douchebags.

  6. man if Linkin Park is good enough for Jay Z then they’re good enough for me and I couldn’t even finish typing that sentence with a straight face.

  7. Oddly enough the dispatcher responding to this call also plays rhythm guitar for 311.

  8. This article fails to ask the important question: Has there ever been a “rock star” with a name more milquetoast than Chester Bennington?

  9. “You are now asked to pick sides between Linkin Park and Sublime’s kinda-sorta-reunion thing Sublime With Rome.”

    Except Stereogum is 113% #311TRUTHNOW fans.

    • Two 311 posts getting downvoted? Don’t you guys know money don’t lie. 311 is pulling in as much as Sublime w/ Rome, but we all know 311 made concessions to pass the savings on to us, the fans.

  10. Daddy Snow me I’m gonna blame.

  11. More like ‘Where’s the Reef’?

  12. I’m gonna have to side with Linkin Park on this one, because Hybrid Theory was my jam back in middle school.

  13. This reminds me of when Sublime (the legendary band, not the reunion clown act) poured beer on all of 311′s keyboards and samplers and broke them. Punx.

  14. For some reason my gut tells me nobody from LP called police and that Rome is just a paranoid attention seeking douchebag bro assuming the brain-dead Sublime fans would take his ridiculous accusations seriously since LP is so into dorky “bitch shit” and sublime are just some “chill punx”

  15. Sometime around the next time Linkin Park releases a new album, Stereogum is gonna have post saying something like “It’s time we all admit that Linkin Park is just awesome! Hybrid Theory was a seminal album that has influenced bands like Imagine Dragons and Panic! At the Disco, although it was dismissed by holier-than-thou indie rock fans as just another nu-metal also-ran at the time. But if you can deny the pure rock-rap thrills of “In the End” and “One Step Closer”, well, you might just be a blowhard AND a grumpy sourpuss.”

  16. Hybrid Theory is a nu-metal masterpiece. Anyone who says otherwise is a moron.

  17. Say what you want, but Gangnam Park would never do this.

  18. choosing a side between these two bands is like choosing between bathing in cat shit or do shit

  19. Could Pepper be reached for comment?

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