Andrew Bird - Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of…

Andrew Bird recently put together a new backing band called Hands Of Glory, and now he’ll be releasing an album with them. Titled Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of…, it is a full LP of covers of long-running folk band the Handsome Family, who gained a lot more fans after their 2003 song “Far From Any Road” became the theme song to True Detective. This follows Bird’s I Want To See Pulaski At Night EP from late last year. You can hear his cover of “Tin Foil” and watch a teaser trailer for the new album below.

(via P4K)

Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of… is out 6/3 and you can pre-order via Bird’s website.

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  1. Love that title.

  2. This news is wonderful. Brett and Rennie have been composing and recording some of the most beautiful, original American music for two decades now. Their catalogue runs deep with emotions and narratives that a niche audience has fallen in love with, which started for me in Chicago at the Lounge Ax with one of their many performances, and then carrying them west over a decade ago. For whatever reason, they’ve bypassed common ears and a larger appreciative audience they deserve. Hopefully Bird’s nod towards an entire record of selective songs–which ones can ya single out, they’re all good if not often great!–leads people towards their amazing–and always rewarding–records. Thank you, Mr. Bird. Maybe some of the Sparks’ (aka The Handsome Family) other respected artist / friends–hint, hint, Mr. Tweedy–will follow suit? Just an idea. Other wonderful artists have covered them as well over the years; hunt down Sally Timms and Kelly Hogan in particular. Bye, bye!

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