Kanye West in Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton

Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton is a new documentary about the influential and long-running California rap indie label Stones Throw, and it features a long list of luminaries, including Snoop Dogg, Mike D, Common, DOOM, Madlib, Tyler, The Creator, and label founder Peanut Butter Wolf. But the most famous talking head in the movie is Kanye West, who is in some ways a product of the late-’90s backpack-rap underground that the label has often, in various oblique ways, represented. And as Pitchfork points out, a new half-hour outtake reel from the documentary features more Kanye moments. In one, at 21:44, he talks about working with Madlib, “feeling the textures,” and the possibility of Madlib beats on West’s mysterious next album. And at the 24:09 mark, he also talks about the late production great J Dilla, talking about how he’ll put weird noises on his singles “on behalf of Dilla”: “And now it’ll go to the radio now that it’s wrong, motherfucker.” Watch the outtake reel below.

(via Rolling Stone)

Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton is out on DVD and digital download now, via Stones Throw.

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  1. Kanye as we know him would not exist without the influence of J Dilla, and it’s really cool to hear him pay homage to the man.

  2. Saturnian makes a great point. So now I know who to blame for Kanye.

  3. kanye on madlib beats? i’d be into that

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