Almost two months ago, EMA gave us The Future’s Void, a deep and powerful album about, among other things, technology and the things it can do to your brain. Apparently, certain editions of the album included a bonus track called “Drown,” but that track has not made it to the internet, for general consumption, until this moment. The song is a heavy, skittery track, one that walks the same line, between primal vocal squirms and primitive electronic catharsis, as so many other tracks on the album. Listen below.

(via Dummy)

The Future’s Void is out now on Matador, and it rules so hard.

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  1. I’ll listen to this at some point, but I was hoping it was going to be a Smashing Pumpkins cover.

    after all, she did a BANG UP job on that cover of “Endless, Nameless”

  2. awesome song, falls right in line with the quality of the rest of the album. Kind of wish she would have put in on there. Also can’t help but compliment her on choosing such a rad dragon shirt.

  3. This track is included in the iTunes version of the album I bought a couple of weeks ago.
    Love EMA, The Future’s Void is by far the best album of the year so far.

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