Justin Bieber - "Looking For You"

I know it looks like we’re trolling when we acknowledge the existence of the pop star/public pariah Justin Bieber, but if we’re going to post his Chance The Rapper collab “Confident,” we might as well point out the next time the Biebs hooks up with another underground mixtape-rapper type. And on his new single “Looking For You,” Bieber joins forces with the rising Atlanta trio Migos. Their staccato double-time raps fit Bieber’s big-money dance-pop almost shockingly well. (They’re on the hook, not just the inevitable guest-verse, and they make the hook better.) Bieber might not have good instincts in most things, but he’s at least making noises with the right rap dudes. That’s not nothing. Listen below.

(via Miss Info)

I find it weirdly endearing that Bieber is spending as much time on DatPiff as I am.

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  1. Not everything needs to be posted, Stereogum. You’re better than this.

    • One more thing: I come to this site to “discover” new music to get into, as well as the friendly banter among strangers in the comments. The writing here is great and down-to-earth, which I certainly can’t say about a lot of other online music sites. So, it’s sad to me when I see you guys do a post like this. I mean, you must know that 99% of your visitors & regulars are not going to click play on a song featuring Bieber and some barely recognizable rapper we’ll forget exists a year from now (and who also happens to get into gun fights in his spare time). You know something like this is going to piss people off. So why waste your time and effort posting something like this when there is plenty of other music to write about? When you do a Justin Bieber post, no matter who the collaborator is, it just comes across as a little condescending. It’s pure click bait and/or trolling. Bieber could do a collaboration with fucking Deafheaven for all I care, I still wouldn’t give a shit. Don’t insult our intelligence, guys. We know what you’re doing with posts like this, so please don’t say it isn’t trolling. It is, in a sense. Let TMZ handle Bieber. There are better stories to write about.

      Sorry to rant, I still love the ‘Gum, but I felt I had to say something.

      • It’s a bit presumptuous of you to assume this is trolling or that 99% of Stereogum readers aren’t interested. I would guess that the reason they post stuff like this is because it actually gets hits (and because Tom has a decent grip on what’s good mainstream pop/hip-hop) and the small yet vocal minority in the comments that complains doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Also Migos is three people and this song is pretty good.

        • I share some of Breihan’s taste in hip hop BUT I think he is too susceptible to what’s “buzzing” at the time, to the point where people he doesn’t care about/actively dislikes initially he starts giving props once they get more ubiquitous. I’m not saying music can never grow on you but I reject this approach because at some point it’s like you’re trying to hard to be “in touch” with the genre. it’s OK to dislike something even if it’s popular or comes from the same “scene” as other rappers you like (Atlanta in this case)

      • Tom <3's Migos

      • Your rant is no biggie, in the grand scheme of others’_.

        Some helpful advice, though, mickrandom, from one grump reader to another: I think the past year and a half as a loyal Stereogum reader have been the most difficult for me personally because a lot of the business-ended motives are unabashedly transparent if you are the kind of person who pays a lot of attention to content and social media-influenced trends, but eventually you just have to choose your battles because you have to accept that the site is owned by a large media conglomerate and their operations depend upon clicks and ad revenue, so for every five great, weird indie nuance post you get, the deliberately pop and mass reader-baiting story is the equal reaction. I am sure all of us who don’t have jobs working as professional music writers and work for any sort of monetary-driven entity understand we can’t just do whatever we want while on the clock. There is always a little compromise. It’s not to say that it is bad to type a Spoon-ful of fury at the screen every once in a while, either, but we can’t shit on Tom, Chris, Miles or James’ way of income (as Scott does a Scrooge McDuck dive into a giant money safe) because you probably wouldn’t want them to do the same to you.

        • Yeah, I get it. The bitch is, without posts like these, Stereogum probably won’t get the ads and clicks they need to give us all the other wonderful content they post on here. So, perhaps seeing Beiber pop up on the newsfeed every once and a while is a small price to pay (if you can even call it that) for getting to read a great exclusive interview with Fucked Up or Sharon Van Etten, etc… for free. I stand by what I said (downvotes be damned), but I understand the other side of things too.

          • Yeah they will. It’s called “Where’s the Beef,” a column which they use regularly to share content they get from TMZ. Most sites stoop to these levels because it is ad bait and gets them paid. Let’s just hope this site maintains a modicum of originality and doesn’t become Huff Post. OWWWOOOOOOO!

          • Anecdotal evidence as to why the ‘Gum posts these -

            Yesterday a guy on a forum I used to moderate posted a screenshot of one of my comments on Stereogum; with a ‘I found Auto!’ caption. I asked him how he tracked me down on Stereogum; he was searching for Iggy Azaela and the Stereogum headline got him to click. Go figure; it draws people to the site.

        • As always, you’re wrong about pretty much everything.

          This post will get almost no traffic. We’d probably get more traffic writing about an obscure indie band because at least that band would share it on their social channels. (And of the 200 posts we do a week, most of them are about obscure indie bands! If you don’t like a pop article, read a different post!) But Migos was one our Best New Bands Of 2013, and Tom is a big fan, and we’re gonna post when they have a new song, especially one that’s good.

          We are owned by what I guess it technically a “media conglomerate,” but a really tiny one. In the 7 years we’ve been part of it, I’ve never once been told what to post or to do something to generate traffic. There are no compromises on content. (Ads are a different story — I hate the ad units they put on this site.) Also I don’t own this site so I don’t know why you think I’m Scrooge McDuck? It’s offensive that you keep writing that.

          • It’s not even worth your tme to respond, Scott. It’s shown that people that do spend their time commenting are more-so subconsciously driven to posts that don’t complete their idealistic mental representation of what they something to be; in this case, Stereogum being what their own musical landscape should represent. Also, it’s probably worth noting that these are probably the same people that spend more of their time involved in the politics of the music than the actual music. Otherwise, they’d be all up in an indie post comment section as opposed to a drive-by statement comment about a pop star.

          • Hate to break it to you Scott, but a Justin Bieber post will get plenty of traffic on this site these days. Way more than obscure indie bands. However, your more mainstream indie bands and spicy tabloid-like articles will give J-Beebs a run for his money. Prove me wrong with screenshots from Google Analytics (or comparable traffic analysis service). OWWWOOOOOOOO!

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  3. My first thought when I saw the headline was, “Stereogum must be trolling us.” Glad you know your audience, Tom! And while I think it’s great JB is featuring less well-known rappers (Chance, Migos) instead of Pitbull and Flo Rida, this certainly comes across as a stunt to try to show us that JB is somehow more of an artist now than he was before.

    I’m suddenly excited for the comments section for the inevitable Justin Bieber/Kanye West collaboration.

  4. People hated Elvis….

  5. Legitimate question: Do Bieber fans even read?

  6. Calm down errebody!

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  8. This entire thread was worth reading if just for “The Yung Biebs” comment above. Is it just me or doesn’t that sound like something you might contract after a coupling with someone in a third world country?

    “I’m sorry, Blochead. You have Yung Biebs”

  9. Well hey, I hate Bieber as much as the next guy but I think a lot of you are overreacting about the Gum posting this story. At least it’s about a song and not some strongly worded open letter about seals in Canada from Morrissey or how much Lana Del Rey got paid to sing at Kimye’s wedding.

  10. Bieber’s best music is with underground rappers. i’d genuinely become a fan if he made more songs like this

  11. It’d be cool if in a year or so critics admit they were trolling with the Migos praise. Future I get, Young Thug I get, these guys? C’mon dude, repetitive flow, obnoxious voices, terrible hooks. “Populist street rap” should have a limit, these guys aren’t any better than frothy Flo Rida type crap. It just seems like there’s a certain critical approach to rap that’s the mirror image of previous early/mid ’00s underground/backpacker orthodoxy that’s not very discerning.

    awful & drony song them aside too

  12. Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana

  13. I really don’t mind if Stereogum keeps covering this “too mainstream” acts, while the site still deliver us amazing music, as always (or almost always).

    The truth is THIS SONG SUCKS. And I like Migos!

  14. Sara was in the room watching Batman: The Animated Series on an old, home-recorded VHS tape. She saw the headline, “Justin Bieber- ‘Looking For You’ (Feat. Migos)”, on my computer screen. Her muscled contracted as she harrumphed and recoiled. “What the fuck website are you reading?” she said. I wrestled back the droplets as they tried to take my eyes.

    “I don’t know,” I said. “I just don’t know anymore.”

    But really, a few superstar track drops out of the rainbow of fantastic indie substars we get on this site ain’t gonna hurt nobody. I realize that now.

    • “I don’t know,” I said. “I just don’t know anymore.”

      Absolutely perfectly constructed. Made me actual LOL

      Thanks for that.

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