Bob Mould - "I Don't Know You Anymore" video

Bob Mould is a punk rock legend still bashing out remarkably vigorous and effective anthems. (My co-worker Michael says he’s making the best music of his career right now, which is lunacy, but the mere fact that someone could think that right now is amazing.) But legend status and good songs don’t necessarily guarantee a healthy income, and that’s the idea of Mould’s new video for his driving new song “I Don’t Know You Anymore.” Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy stars an an oily douchebag version of himself, and he helps Mould and his bandmates Jason Narducy and Jon Wurster figure out how to sell things on 2014. (Fake Apple logos help, apparently.) Watch the video below.

Mould’s new album Beauty & Ruin is out tomorrow on Merge.

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  1. He may not be making the best music of his career right now, but as far as straight forward, solid rock music that sounds amazing really loud in the car IN THE SUMMER TIME AND LIFE IS PERFECT AT THAT MOMENT, there aren’t too many people doing a better job these days.

    • I was talking about this song in particular when I said that, in fact. I love this goddamn song.

      • I’ve got work up in Maine at the end of June, and since I drive an old man car with just a CD player, I’m making a “Modern Bob Mould and Dinosaur Jr.” mix CD and I’m going to take a day to drive around Mount Desert Island and just lose my shit all day.

  2. I’ve been a Mould fan since the late 80′s and some of the HD stuff is as good as any music I’ve ever heard. But I think it’s weird how Black Sheets of Rain gets so little ink. That album is such a violent monster. Anybody else love that one?

    • I do love that one actually but it probably goes overlooked because it doesn’t hold up as well next to the Hüsker Dü records that preceded it or the Sugar records that followed it. But it is a great record, I agree.

  3. can’t wait to see Mould tomorrow for free at Amoeba! I feel super lucky

  4. Saw Bob perform this song and others from new album, check out my clips of interested –

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