Bud Light

Apparently back in the ’90s Budweiser ran a series of “Bud Light Spotlight” ads specially geared for local markets; according to this YouTube upload, more than 100 spots were produced in 50 markets each year from 1993-97, each one featuring Bud Light drinkers from a given locale. One of the Los Angeles ads aimed to capitalize on the grunge craze by employing a longhair to passionately howl about how much he wants some Bud Light while a denim-clad blonde explains how when she grabs a Bud Light from her freezer it stimulates her lady parts. Open this highly valuable time capsule below.

(via GrungeBook)

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  1. That dude was channeling some Candlebox right there. Hahaha.
    Sigh…. the 90s.

    But, he’s not exactly a “Silent Bob-looking longhair” without a beard/overcoat/hat is he? More like, just a long-haired grunge dude.

  2. in retrospect the caricature of grunge is only slightly less embarassing than that of hair metal.

  3. Welp, that was embarrassing…for everyone.

  4. …uncle Jim? aunt tammy?

  5. cringeworthy

    great find!

  6. Dude more reminds me of Chester ‘Chazz’ Darvey, aka the lead singer of The Lone Rangers….

    Was waiting for our Budweiser Brendan Fraser up here to yell out: “You look like half a butt puppet!!”

  7. why the hell did the blonde girl have 80s hair if this is spose to be a 90s/’now’ video??? NO ONE had hair like that in the 90s.

  8. WTF was that? That was a parody right?

  9. I’m a better person for having seen this today.

  10. Bud Light….. eh huh huh huh. (That was my best Beavis and Butthead impersonation right there.)

  11. I cringed, and I cringed hard

  12. That last “HAA YEEEAHHH!” killed me. Dude looks like Nate from Six Feet Under.

  13. “No no nahh, yeah.” – Seven Mary Three

  14. Oh…my…God.

  15. the funniest part is that they were drinking budweiser

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