Kimbra - "'90s Music"

Kimbra’s “90s Music” is among the wildest singles of 2014, and now it has one of the wildest videos. In keeping with the song’s title, the clip feels like all the most cartoonish live-action videos from the late ’90s mashed together into one surreal blast of moving colors. I’m talking Jamiroquai, Missy Elliott, Bjork, Busta Rhymes, “Barbie Girl” and many more than I can even begin to list. It’s a lot to take in, but do your best below and tell us what else you come up with in the comments.

An LP produced by Kimbra and Rich Costey will be out later this year.

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  1. Goodness. I legitimately don’t know how to process this song. That being said, this music video is a manic feast of frenzy for the senses, and I’m sort of inspired by the…sheer bubblegum audacity…of it.

  2. Errrr…. I think I love this? Possibly…

  3. Am I going to die before everyone gets over 90s nostalgia?

  4. Man, that chorus and video totally makes up for the total nonsense that is the rest of the song.

  5. shoulda hated that but did not hate that at all

  6. She used a lot of formats and elements that were prevalent in all different types of music in the 90′s. Very intelligent.

  7. can’t say I listened to anything even remotely like this in the 90s.

  8. This song/video is like crack. I can’t stop listening to it. At first I just thought it was a trite ode to liking 90s music. But now the song has definitely revealed itself as a perfect amalgamation of the 90s video references. I hear a lot of Bjork, Missy, Aaliayah, Aqua, Busta, etc but set in a contemporary way, with a hint of tune-yards thrown in.

  9. I dig it, it’s like Missy meets K-Pop

  10. oh man that kiwi accent

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