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Electronic dance music has always factored into Dan Snaith’s experimental psych-pop project Caribou, and that was never truer than on 2010′s fantastic Swim. But “Can’t Do Without You,” the first song Snaith is sharing from Caribou’s new Our Love, might surpass even Swim in terms of sheer dance-floor elation. The influence of Snaith’s buddy Burial is obvious here, but as it expands from hushed intimacy to widescreen lovestruck euphoria it could also pass for a more artful take on, like, Calvin Harris or Moby. It’s yet another wild reinvention from a guy who has pulled off gorgeous metamorphoses again and again, and I can’t wait to hear what else Snaith has up his sleeve. In the meantime, listen to “Can’t Do Without You” below.

Our Love is out 10/7 on Merge. Pre-order it here. Here’s the full tracklist:

01 “Can’t Do Without You”
02 “Silver”
03 “All I Ever Need”
04 “Our Love”
05 “Dive”
06 “Second Chance”
07 “Julia Brightly”
08 “Mars”
09 “Back Home”
10 “Your Love Will Set You Free”

North American tour dates:

7/26 Chapel Hill, NC @ Merge 25th Anniversary at Cats Cradle
8/23 Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Festival
11/10 Montreal, QB @ Le National*
11/11 Boston, MA @ Paradise*
11/12 New York, NY @ Webster Hall*
11/13 Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer*
11/15 Washington, DC @ Black Cat*
11/17 Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West*
11/18 Orlando, FL @ The Social*
11/19 Miami, FL @ Grand Central*
11/20 Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder*
11/21 New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks*
11/22 Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds*
11/23 Austin, TX @ Mohawk*
11/24 Toronto, ON @ Danforth*
* w/ Jessy Lanza

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  1. This is a serious OMG moment. Swim was one of the best dance/electronic albums I’ve ever heard. I’m a little excited right now.

  2. Sorry, I’m not very impressed about this track. I hope the rest of the album is not as repetitive. There is very little progression in it. The best track he ever written in my opinion was “Jamelia”: https://vimeo.com/20432366 This track could be characterized as a modern-day classical music type of thing: it took you to a place and that place was changing. It was telling a story musically. It had its surprises too! This one instead, is the same thing over and over between the normal voice and the low voice, with two different types of music underneath that simply intensified over time but didn’t fundamentally change. I can’t get excited about this. It feels easy and uninteresting to me. As a listener, I want something with more depth and twists and turns.

    • Odessa didn’t have much ‘progression’ to it in my opinion – it was still an amazing song. I rather like this new one, even if it doesn’t touch those heights.

      • No, Odessa didn’t either. But Jamelia did. This is why was the last track in the album. Because it was so different. I was hoping that his new album would be built around the Jamelia sound and sensibilities but instead I feel that we’re getting something that we’ve heard before many times.

    • Well this is the first track of the album. I say we wait to see what the other songs sound like before thinking he hasn’t progressed.

      As for this intro track? I’m in love. “Odessa” was excellent because it dropped in and got down to business, so I think the decision to go with a quieter minute plus intro is a refreshing change of pace.

      I coincidentally just picked up “The Milk Of Human Kindness” yesterday and oh wow do those songs display some heavy variance. They’re all over the place!

      But as for “Can’t Do Without You” I think it accomplishes its purpose: to ease you into what is most definitely going to be one of the better albums of 2014.

      • I agree – what’s with this need to pounce on an artist’s new direction IMMEDIATELY? After, like, AN HOUR of hearing?

        Also, Milk of Human Kindness is one of my all-time favourite albums ever. Easily my fave Caribou album, and the one I return to the most often. Cherish it – it’ll be kind to you.

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        • Ok, I remembered the word: Thematic transformation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thematic_transformation Again, Jamelia had that in a big way, and it had a big impact to me.

          • Also, Burial (that is mentioned in the article), uses thematic development big time, especially in his older EP. This song above though just doesn’t have any of it almost. It has two layers next to each other, clearly separated, that only intensify with time, and a repetitive lyric. It’s too simple of a music for my taste. It just doesn’t take me to the heights that Jamelia did. It’s not as interesting.

          • But “Jamelia” was the last track on Swim and “Can’t Do Without You” is the first. Of course you’re going to pull out all the stops on the last track of your album.

            I think simplicity is important at the beginning of an album, easier to draw you in. Sometimes you can throw the kitchen sink at people from the get go, but seeing as how this album is called “Our Love” perhaps he’s showing some tender loving care?

            Which Burial EP are you referencing? Kindred or Street Halo?

        • My apologies for misinterpreting this: “instead I feel that we’re getting something that we’ve heard before many times.”

          Let’s take a step back. Let’s pretend that instead of this being an advance single, we had the entire album in our hands! Hell yes, new Caribou! We pop it in and hear the song we’ve all heard by now. When it finishes, I think most of our reactions would be, “Oh wow, what a great intro, I can’t wait to hear what’s next.”

          …and that’s why I think it’s just fine as our first glimpse of the album. I don’t think it’s necessarily “good PR” to release your best song on your new album. I usually get bummed out when I listen to a whole album and realize the song they released 4 months prior was the best it had to offer. I much prefer the, “here is a little taste of what’s to come,” approach so that I can be blown away by, oh let’s say the title track, when I actually get around to listening to the album in its entirety.

          I mean, it’s only “bad PR” if this song triggers your reaction in other people. I mean, you’re still going to check out the album when it comes out, right? Was “Jamelia” released before Swim came out? I don’t recall, but I imagine you didn’t hear that song until you heard the whole album.

          And that’s all I’m saying: Just because an album begins one way doesn’t mean he doesn’t have another “Jamelia” hidden in the track listing. As I’m just now discovering on “The Milk of Human Kindness,” Dan Snaith can jump from one style to the next within the span of two tracks.

          But to each his own, with all due respect.

          • I was referring to Kindred. However I don’t agree that (if according to your theory the album gets more interesting down the line) he should have released this (essentially an intro) song as first PR song. If it’s not indicative of the album, then it should not have been released IMHO.

            My theory is that most of the album is like that intro song though. Just normal electronic music we’ve heard before. He might have 1-2 Jamelia-like songs in there or not (we will know in a month’s time), but that doesn’t make the whole album a masterpiece in that case. It just makes it an “ok” electronic album with 2 very good songs in it. This is not enough for me, because I truly expected more out of Caribou. I felt disappointed when I heard this earlier today. That’s all.

          • Touche. I see where you’re coming from.

            I personally obsess over track sequencing on albums, so I felt the need to defend the song as an intro track. If the album does end up being a lot like that first track, you may find me in your boat in a few month’s time as well.

            And I love “Kindred” so fucking much so I understand what you’re describing with thematic transformation. What did you think of “Rival Dealer” and “Truant/Rough Sleeper” ?

          • > you may find me in your boat in a few month’s time as well.


            > What did you think of “Rival Dealer” and “Truant/Rough Sleeper” ?

            IMHO, not as good as Kindred. They both had a very generic sound, like normal house/R&B/techno kind of thing, but in a more experimental tone. Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me in terms of soundscape, it didn’t create a strong otherwordly atmosphere and landscape in my mind like Kindred did. Kindred was like a horror movie in your ears. It had substance, it made you feel like a movie plot would, not just some notes.

            I have tried to analyze over the years why I like that certain type of music, and I found that everything I like could be thought of as “cinematic”. From classical music (that is the most common music for movies too), to Burial’s Kindred, to OPointNever, to Forest Swords, to Salem’s Kings Night, to Caribou’s Jamelia, they all feel like the soundtrack of a movie that doesn’t exist. You make up the movie’s landscapes and feelings in your mind, while listening to the music. To me, this is an indispensable quality. If a piece of music doesn’t create this in my mind, I don’t consider it good music somehow. To me music is a tool that elevates me in another dimension of sorts. So it requires a very specific type of music to achieve this.

            Now of course, I might be wrong about this, or I might be just too single minded, or too narrow minded. But I like what I like. ;-)

          • !!!!!!!

            Someone else who loves Salem’s “King Night” !!!! Plus everything else you mentioned are some of my favorites.

            But I can’t agree with you more on music that feels cinematic. I tie that to my love of movies that came before my love of music. Go figure some of my early favorite bands were described as such: Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros. I think it’s why I care about lyrics less than some, since it’s all about mood and not what’s being said.

            I think you’re spot on about “Kindred” too. It stands out amongst all the 12″s he’s released. I think “Rival Dealer” is incredible too, but there was something otherworldly about “Ashtray Wasp”.

            I don’t think yr single minded. You got great taste in music from what I can see.

          • Exactly! Whenever I say to my friends that I don’t care about lyrics, and I like the human voice to blend with the music (or at least not stand-out as it does in most forms of music) they look at me funny. It’s just that such kind of “human voice comes first” of music doesn’t touch me at all. The above Caribou song is obviously heaps better than most music out there, and it does it right in terms of voice-mixing. But it doesn’t touch the great heights of grand, cinematic-like music.

            Love the bands you mentioned btw. :)

        • This track is good. You need to calm it down mate.

      • “Let’s wait to see what the other songs sound like before thinking he hasn’t progressed”

        “…most definitely going to be one of the better albums of 2014″

        a.k.a. Don’t jump to conclusions guys, because i already have.

        • Busted.

          But based on his previous albums, any year Caribou releases an album I’d claim it to be “one of the better albums of 2014″ (which when you read it, isn’t really saying much at all in a world where we have Top 100 Albums of The Year lists, every year).

          Name 5 albums that came out this year off the top of your head and you could probably say any of them is “one of the better albums of 2014″

          But good catch. You got me.

  3. Snaith is such a master of texture. I was floored the first time I heard the song Sun off of Swim where he totally pulled off the sonic feeling of going from below to above water and then back down. An amazing talent, this guy.

  4. This isn’t really doing it for me. Finding it pretty boring tbh and I’m a big Caribou fan. Hopefully there’ll be other things to get into later on in the album.

    For the record, ‘Bowls’ is my favorite song of his. A masterpiece of texture, sound and buildup/comedown.

  5. Hey Stereogum, can we get a list of top ten Dan Snaith tracks?

  6. Whatever. I love this and hope to make many memories to it this summer. It’s both a warm breeze & a midnight cannonball splash.

  7. I can dig of it.

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