Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence

We’ve already heard two full tracks from Lana Del Rey’s upcoming Ultraviolence — “West Coast” and “Shades Of Cool” — as well as a snippet of “Brooklyn Baby” and a live version of the title track. Now, La Lana has given us the studio version of that last one, in which she conflates the ultra-creepy 1962 Phil Spector-produced Crystals hit “He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)” with the ultra-creepy 1962 Anthony Burgess novel A Clockwork Orange. 1962, man. Weird time. Listen to LDR’s update of the era below.

Ultraviolence is out 6/13 on Interscope. The alternate album cover above is for Urban Outfitters’ exclusive vinyl.

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  1. “Shades of Cool” and “West Coast” were great.

    This isn’t.

    Oh well. Still holding out for the album.

  2. These songs are starting to bleed into each other…not sure if this is a good or bad thing quite yet, but the fact that Portishead keeps popping into my mind when I’m listening, I’m guessing I shouldn’t be all that concerned.

    • I feel you, they are similar. Hopefully it’s just gonna end up sounding like a really cohesive album, rather than a mess.

      I mean, I really want this album to kick ass. These 3 songs are pretty fucking fantastic, and I’d love it if the whole record is good enough to soundtrack bad decisions at 4 am.

    • except that portishead does it much much better , with no horrible song titles.

    • This was sort of my concern as well, but my issue with this song is that it doesn’t really do anything interesting with her formula like the past two singles did. “West Coast” had the time shifting and “Shades of Cool” had the slightly more complex structure, the killer chorus and the interesting arrangement. But this just sounds like “Born to Die” with less canned strings and more reverb.

  3. I’m into it. 3 for 3 in my opinion. Psyched for the inevitable leak coming soon.

  4. Bleh.

    This will probably be your typical Lana Del Rey campaign.

    One or two decent singles followed by pile of crap album.

  5. It’s a step down from “Shades of Cool” and “West Coast,” but given that the three-single-trickle seems to be the album roll-out tact of choice this year, I’d say Lana’s three were as good as anyone’s.* This is shaping up to be the album where she makes good on the unfulfilled promise of “Video Games,” and I say that as someone who has been pretty dismissive of her recent output.

    *Personally, I think “Birth In Reverse,” “Digital Witness,” and “Prince Johnny” are a sharper trio of singles, but all of them had to grow on me whereas Lana’s music is a bit more immediate.

  6. I actually think this sounds pretty solid. “Shades of Cool” might be my favorite out of the three tracks I’ve heard. Either way, still really looking forward to this cd and seeing her at some point this summer.

  7. Ultrasnooze.

  8. This is my favourite out of the three released tracks. I thought Shades of Cool was boring and I just can’t get into West Coast. Ultraviolence sounds like a typical LDR song, so I guess it isn’t anything new or spectacular, but I think it has the most compelling lyrics out of the three. I feel like this song maintains the sound & style she established in Born to Die, but slightly darker.

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