Tyler, The Creator

Today Larry King Now (a web show on Hulu, apparently) featured an interview with Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator. It’s an extremely interesting video where Tyler talks openly and honestly about where he came from and his ambitions for the future. He gets into his growing disinterest in merely being a rapper, his hopes of someday being compared to Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, and his love for Jennifer Lawrence (“I love Jennifer Lawrence. If you watching this, leave the nigga you with!”) and all girls with freckles. If you’re an Odd Future fan or perhaps have conflicted feelings about Tyler, I can’t recommend the interview enough.

(via Spin)

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  1. Tyler is extremely intelligent. Dope interview.

  2. This interview is pretty interesting for reasons other than the 30-second opening that Stereogum regurgitated.

  3. omg he is so genuinely intelligent and open minded. i love him <3

  4. Tyler is a smart guy. His interview on Arsenio Hall was really down-to-earth, funny and intelligent too.

  5. Tyler’s point about people going to college for career paths they aren’t interested in or feeling obligated to go to school because of their parents is a good one, as is his not wanting to pigeonholed into only being known as a rapper, but I wholly disagree about his point about offensive words just being a result of people ‘giving something too much power.’ And that’s a big part of the reason why I stopped listening to his music.

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