Interpol - El Pintor

New York gloom-rock heroes Interpol have just announced plans to release their fifth album, titled El Pintor and set for a September release. We recently posted video of the band debuting new songs “My Desire” and “Anywhere,” and both of those tracks will be on the LP, which the band recorded at Electric Lady Studios and Atomic Sound. Interpol recorded the album with James Brown (the Arctic Monkeys producer, not the other guy), and shoegaze hero Alan Moulder mixed it. Paul Banks takes over bass duties on El Pintor, and guests include the Secret Machines’ Brandon Curtis, Roger Joseph Manning, Jr., and Bon Iver’s Rob Moose.

Below, check out the album’s tracklist and a three-minute making-of video that includes a few short shards of new songs.

01 “All The Rage Back Home”
02 “My Desire”
03 “Anywhere”
04 “Same Town, New Story”
05 “My Blue Supreme”
06 “Everything Is Wrong”
07 “Breaker 1″
08 “Ancient Ways”
09 “Tidal Wave”
10 “Twice As Hard”

El Pintor is out 9/9 on Matador, and its title is Spanish for “the painter.” (It’s also an anagram for the band’s name. There’s levels to this album-title shit.)

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  1. FUCK YES! Love the album cover, love that the title is an anagram for Interpol. Love the names of the songs.

    • Saw them in New Haven the other night….they were very tight. Banksy looked, um I dunno, healthy? I know that may seem odd to mention, but they’ve veered off the track as of late, so it was refreshing to see them with a little hop to their step. Great show. Don’t think this album will pave any new roads, but they certainly haven’t lost their grind.

      • I was also at that New Haven show, and I second that they were really solid. Better than the last time I saw them a few years ago. Nice to know they haven’t lost it. New songs sound promising too.

      • that’s good to hear, their debut is one of my favorite albums of all time, but I’ve been increasingly disappointed with their output. I hope to be impressed with this album.

      • Hey homesickalien, I ALSO saw them in NH the other night. Weird! CT represent!

        Very tight, workmanlike but punchy set. The new songs sounded great. Everyone I was with agreed that “Lights” was the surprising best song of the night (it seriously rocked).

        I’m cautiously hyped for this album and hope it doesn’t fall victim to the “starts off with some great songs and falls apart midway through” trap that their last two albums did.

        • Sweet! I agree…good way to put it, a little punchy. We all just need to come to terms with the fact that they are just going to muscle their way through the same soundscape that has put them where they are today. The rub is that without the hooks, their songs can fall into a repetitive slog for nearly 5 minutes. But man, Not Even Jail sounded so good and the triple punch encore of Lights, Stella and Obstacle 1 raked

          • Yea the encore was the best part of the night. I was surprised at how many songs from TOTBL and Antics they played – it was like 85% of the set, with a few new songs and almost nothing from OLTA or the self-titled album. Actually, did they play ANYTHING from OLTA? In retrospect, I don’t think so.

          • One of my favourite concert moments was Kessler taking the front of stage in the outro to “Not even Jail” while Banks blew smoke rings into the spotlight.

        • Lights kills live for some reason and yet i can’t listen to it on the album.

          • My main problem with Lights (which I like) is that it doesn’t really “explode” when the band seems to think it does. I blame that on the mix – the drums are too far down in the mix and just aren’t very powerful, and that snare hit doesn’t thwack like it should. Thus, the song never takes off.

    • also, that blue over the red of the hands is really striking. very interesting contrast

  2. I’m always excited to see something new from Interpol. But, did I see Paul playing bass?

  3. If it’s like the first three albums, great (I liked Our Love to Admire!). If it’s like the last album… *runs away screaming*

  4. The snippets of the songs in the video were promising. Sounds like the bass is very prominent in the mix too, which is always good for Interpol, although it remains to be seen whether it will still be the same without Carlos D.

  5. Those last chords gave me the chills. This. Is. Going. To be. Grrrrrrrrreat!

  6. Finally watched the clip, and now I’m quite excited!

  7. what i saw: WAOTY

  8. Best news allllllll week

  9. Classic late-career elft-sitdle album.

  10. Come back to us, Interpol! We need you now more than ever! The world has become a poptimistic dystopia since your first couple of albums!

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