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When Apple announced that it was buying Beats Electronic for $3 billion, way more than the company was valued at, people were confused, and Apple’s stock price took a plunge. As it turns out, though, that purchase may have been an evil-genius move. Forbes speculates that Apple may be moving away from the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The company has submitted specifications for headphones that will connect to its very own proprietary Lightning port, which means standard headphones won’t work with it. If they go through with this, you’ll have to buy Apple headphones if you want to use them with Apple devices.

This new Lightning port situation apparently has some advantages for users, as well as for the company. They’ll be able to offer better lossless sound quality, and you’ll be able to use the headphone cord to do more than adjust volume and answer phone calls. But let’s be real. They won’t be doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. They’ll be doing this so you have to buy your headphones (or, at the very least, your headphone adapters) from Apple, and you’ll have to pay Beats prices for them. All of which is to say: Get ready to give Apple even more of your money. Because what the fuck else are you supposed to do? Switch to Zune?

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  1. ‘Chord’?

    • I think by ‘headphone chord’ they’re talking about that new cool thing that cool people do. It’s where you cut all of the cords off of your old apple earbuds, string them on a guitar, and then strum them. Behold the headphone chord. #headphonechord

    • The article neglects to mention Apple’s plan for a monopoly on music, consisting solely of one musical key: The Key of Apple, or the iKey, featuring just one chord, the headphone chord.

    • Whoops — that is fixed now!

  2. fuck this, i like apple products but any company attempting to build a complete monopoly needs to be stopped

    • Meh. This is actually good news to audiophiles, if the DAC technology is upgraded. (If anything, it might hurt Neil Young’s audio player.) Also it’s good news for anyone traveling, because any Lightning headphones could be used as active-noise-canceling headphones.

      Apple hasn’t removed anything – they’re allowing manufacturers to do something MORE. Anything else is speculation on the part of the author.

      It’s unlikely the TRRS port is going away soon, and even if it did there’s still Bluetooth, which is doing the opposite of going away.

      • I don’t see how it is related to the DAC upgrade, I mean, headphone jack doesn’t stand in the way of doing it anyway.

        What I ocassionally fantasize about is Apple doing actual musical player, because current Ipods do not offer anything signifantly different from the phones, it’s a phone without radio module. I use HiFiman HM-601, and it surpasses any phone in terms of sound, but I just miss the modern user experience with it, I mean slick album arts, instant lyrics, instant scrobble and so on. Apple have this huge music store, now these headphones, which I personally find to be merely atrocious in terms of look, though it is somehow considered to be their selling point, anyway, Apple just doesn’t offer the most important link in the music consumption chain – players. I don’t know, it’s just that they mastered their craft of bringing pleasurable experience to their consumers and I can’t think they would fail with audiophile players, especially when people are more informed about audio technologies.

        • I think he’s thinking this may mean the transmission of digital audio across the thunderbolt port for use of an outboard DAC (possibly in a pair of high end headphones themselves).

  3. Well, they already did it with the proprietary USBs and adaptors, so this is unsurprising.

    It’ll be annoying to set up with a car AUX port, but maybe by the time the phones switch over I’ll be a grown-ass man who has Bluetooth in his car.

  4. I’m glad I jumped ship to Android. Apple keeps trying to make everything proprietary and it disgusts me. The end user will never win out of this.

  5. So, if I want to listen to music while charging my device…

    • That was my first thought too. If they don’t plan on putting 2 “lightning ports” on future phone models then I may just switch to android. I spend half my day at work listening to music while charging my phone.

      • I’m guessing they’ll have another connector on the headphone plug for daisychaining. that or you’ll be able to use some sort of thunderbolt multi-port accessory.

  6. Well for those prices you’d think they would get the picture right…I always thought Beats headphones had a “b” on them not a “d” as shown….hahaha….

  7. I read this yesterday on Forbes, and also read the article they linked to. The original source of the info just mentions that Apple is working on lightning port technology for headphones. It says nothing about actually removing the original 3.5mm TRS jack. Way to exaggerate a story, Forbes.

  8. “All of which is to say: Get ready to give Apple even more of your money. Because what the fuck else are you supposed to do?”

    Jump ship and refuse to support a company whose business practices and ethics (or lack thereof) are habitually egregious. I’m not saying any of the other massive tech companies are that much better but compared to Apple, some of them look like darlings.

    There are dozens of tech start-ups and counter-cultural tech devices, OS’s, audio formats, etc., etc., to keep Apple from having a bonafide Prima Nocta on all things electronic.

  9. BTW, can you guys remind me what was the song, where Rick Rock was talking on the phone – selling dope through his I-PHONE?

  10. By the time the remove the jack, most people will be using bluetooth headphones anyway, or whatever the next generation of wireless figures to be.

  11. These two companies were destined for each other…they both push overpriced products that rely on a well-designed look and a naive audience but are inferior in regard to innovative technology, performance, and consumer freedoms. Fuck ‘em.

  12. For fucks sake.

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