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A few years ago Tyler, The Creator punked the music press by announcing the signing of a new Odd Future rapper named Young Nigga. When the anticipated new signee’s song appeared online, he turned out to be a character Tyler invented for his own amusement. That character popped up on Odd Future’s Adult Swim series Loiter Squad last night to perform “I Just Bought A Bugatti (I’m Happy),” a rap parody that’s even more grating than Wolf’s “painful trudge,” which is quite the accomplishment. R&B crooner IceJJFish is there to make the case for AutoTune. Watch the wildness below.

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  1. Is IceJJFish fictitious? Dude has music videos and an album that are a brand of awful that’s too earnest to feel calculated. I think he’s just a terrible, deluded singer.

  2. Fair enough, he’s real and he’s terrible.

  3. Dont get me wrong- i understand the appeal of this type of on-the-surface humor… but it is definitely pretty ironic that there are rappers in the genre he’s parodying that blow his music out of the water. Seems to me he’s poking fun at guys like Young Thug and Future for what he probably perceives as ridiculous behavior on records and in videos, but I’d rather listen to these new Atlanta and Chicago guys over Tyler any day. His attitude towards rap music lately has been, at the very least, very condescending, like he’s above it somehow because he’s also into “jazz and kitty cats”. I don’t know, this whole 15-year-old-that-just-hit-the-powerball persona is a bit irritating as of late. Really don’t know why I used to think that shit was so cool…

  4. Nice to see the Fish finally gettin attention he deserve. Here in tha D he the realest mothafuck aroun.

  5. This is not funny.

  6. This is hilarious up to Ty’s verse. Domo’s kind of parodying himself. But the beginning is great it’s like a diss of the stupid shit Rick Ross does to promote MMg

    • I understand what they were going for, its just not very well done, imo. Too easy. I find more humor in a lot of Odd Future’s legit output than I do here.

      • Hell yeah. 2:53, man, that’s all I gotta say. And that they chose a good subject to satire even if, as mentioned above, the ignorant rappers are making much more listenable music than OF right now.

  7. Tyler most of the time doesn’t give a fuck. That alone is why he has done this, he started the Young Nigga Persona way before Loiter Squad or we know of Chief Keef. Also Tyler’s fans are white kids who actually buy his album black people steal majority of the music we listen to so you think he gives a fuck about the Radio Airplay artists who are blowing who out of the water? And I Actually think tyler’s bars are pretty good in this song, by Chicago Rap (Lil Durk, Chief Keef Standards) So please explain to me where you were going with that?

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