Watch Weezer's Drummer Catch A Fan's Frisbee Without Missing A Beat Of "Beverly Hills"

File under tricks your dog (probably) couldn’t do: at a show in St. Augustine, FL on Friday, drummer Patrick Wilson caught a frisbee from the audience all without missing a beat of “Beverly Hills.” Pretty impressive. Also watch Rivers Cuomo’s face light up when he hears the audience roar.

UPDATE: Here’s a different angle…

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  1. I think rivers just made that face cause he heard the audience get really loud for a moment there and he didn’t know why. It looked more awkward than anything.

  2. I think Rivers made that face because he’s never really heard anyone cheer during Beverly Hills before…

  3. Yeah actually, there wasn’t a song they played that the crowd didn’t cheer for. Oh and it was the band’s frisbee, rivers threw it into the crowd about 10 minutes before the catch!

  4. Pat always seemed like the coolest member of Weezer.

  5. I guess he’s not easily disc-tracted from his drumming!

    I’ll see myself out.

  6. Rivers and Scott are practicing in case this happens again:

  7. You could probably learn to play chess while catching a frisbee during a Weezer concert.

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