Death From Above 1979

Death From Above broke up in 2006, after releasing a grand total of one album, 2004′s kinda-classic You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine. They’re one for one! They got back together in 2011, and they were playing new songs a year and a half ago, but there was never any serious talk about a new DFA1979 album. Until now. Out of nowhere, the band has just announced that they’ve got a new one called The Physical World coming in September. They recorded it with Oasis producer Dave Sardy, and they’re calling its sound “Springsteen meets Sonic Youth.” But they don’t exactly sound excited about the prospect of this new album.

Talking to NME, singer/drummer Sebastian Grainger gives the distinct impression that the group has been pressured and browbeaten into making the album and that they’re really just making it to get the world off their backs. Here’s what he says: “No matter what Jesse and I do, on whatever scale of success it’s sat on, there’s always some kind of reference to Death From Above. It’s only frustrating because it’s so lazy. So we’re putting out a Death From Above record and if the press is like, ’It’s not what we expected,’ or however they react to it, it’s like, ’Well, you’ve been fucking asking for it’… This record is a key for us. It will permit us to go play the shows we want to play and it gives us the freedom to do what we want.”

So, uh, get excited?

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  1. I’m positive Dave Sardy is a perfect fit for the new DFA1979 album.

  2. I remember being pretty sad when I heard that DFA 1979 was breaking up, but now, as much as I am excited to hear a new album, I think they had fully realized their sound and couldn’t really go much further with it. So heres hoping they don’t pick up where they left off.

  3. “Well, you’ve been fucking asking for it” does not bode well for my hopes for this album :(

  4. Well, hopefully they’re just being sarcastic….

  5. Praise Yeezus! Thank you Based God!

  6. I love their remix LP Romance Bloody Romance – I’m hoping they do one for this as well.

  7. Sebastian Grainger is the ultimate “successful” hipster.

    1. Make an album
    2. Get successful
    3. Shun success (+ embrace suspenders)
    4. Create inferior alternative output, with less success (but more “heart”)
    5. Self-sabotage album with successful band
    6. Achieve Maslow’s self-ironyization.

    69. Get wet lol lol lol lol lol :’)

  8. dtits, you’re correct. Sebastian’s solo was …aight. however, MSTRKRFT defies your categorization. but i think we can all agree that Springsteen is good like a butterfinger and Sonic Youth is good like Chalula. so it follows that this album will be a butterfinger lightly or heavily garnished in Chalula, which is what i eat for dessert everynight.

  9. in any case, i’ve been running to Your A Woman I’m a Machine for nigh on 9 yrs. i can’t wait to pop this into my Sony MD player and really go for it in this year’s Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell Run.

  10. I hear they’re forgoing effects pedals and will distort the bass guitar purely through spite.

  11. You’re A Woman is still one of my favourite albums ever made. I still listen to all 19 original songs regularly, as well as watch old live videos. And you know, over time I’ve become really satisfied with the limited output, because it’s just solid gold the whole way through.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m really nervous/excited about this album, because it could be the record I spend the next 10 years trying to forget about, or another helping of amazing to add to the classic pile.

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