Kanye West @ Bonnaroo 2014

Six years after Kanye West’s infamous Bonnaroo debut — a performance that didn’t begin until 4:30AM BECAUSE OF PEARL JAM, SQUID BRAINS!! — the newlywed rapper returned to Manchester last night for what, by most accounts, was a strong headline set, though uneventful by Yeezus Tour standards. One notable outburst, which you can watch below, came during the outro to “Heartless”: He repeatedly screamed, “Where the press at?!” taking issue with coverage of the 2008 debacle.

He also referenced all the anti-Kanye graffiti at his last appearance…

“Last time I got here, before I even arrived, they had ’Fuck Kanye’ on the motherfuckin’ Porta Potties. With this shit we gonna piss on them, on they motherfuckin’ Porta Potties.”

Like on the Yeezus Tour, West sported a Margiela mask and performed mostly in silhouette, but there was no ice mountain nor white Jesus at Bonnaroo. A breakdown in “Runaway” offered the usual megalomanic reflection (via AP):

“I ain’t going after nobody on the radio. I’m going after Shakespeare. I’m going after Walt Disney. I’m going after Howard Hughes. I’m going after Genghis Khan. I’m going after Henry Ford…”

According to CoS, one change in these post-nuptial shows (both at Bonnaroo and last week’s X Games) is that Kanye has dropped wedding ceremony no-show Jay Z’s name from several songs, including “Cold” and “Blood On The Leaves.”

Looks like Kim enjoyed her first Bonnaroo.

She should stay for Yonder Mountain String Band.

01 “Black Skinhead”
02 “I Don’t Like (Remix)”
03 “Mercy
04 “Cold”
05 “Clique”
06 “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’”
07 “New Slaves”
08 “Power”
09 “Stronger”
10 “Say You Will”
11 “Runaway”
12 “Run This Town”
13 “Diamonds Of Sierra Leone”
14 “Heartless”
15 “Jesus Walks”
16 “All Falls Down”
17 “Touch the Sky”
18 “All Of The Lights”
19 ”Good Life”
20 “Bound 2″

21 “Blood On The Leaves”

[Photo by Gary Miller/WireImage.]

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  1. I don’t really know why but that picture of Kim is hilarious.

    • I didn’t think anybody could ever “out vapid” Paris Hilton but you really have to doff the cap to Kim. There’s such a classic nothingness to her poses. It’s actually quite remarkable.

    • I seriously made a scrunchy face and said “what the fuck is she wearing?!”, out loud, when I saw the pic.

      • 19 up votes for the original comment and this gets a down vote? lmao Stereogum commenters are funny.

      • Seriously? So you guys gave a of friends who wear white see through nylon tops with ugly tan bras? Come on now. Stop being blinded by titties people. She looks ridiculous.

  2. I loved it when I saw him on the Yeezus Tour, but my friends at Bonnaroo said it was not received very well there, but maybe they just didn’t know what to expect.

  3. Is it totally necessary to use the word “triumphant “? By all accounts, it was an okay set with some of his tasty hits, but also overzealous rants. By many accounts, there was quite an exodus about a third of the way through the set so he lost a ton of people. How about “serviceable” instead of triumphant? But no, much like the man himself, only over bloated superlatives are allowed to be used in a narrative made in media heaven.

    • i’m not sure if it’s humorous or sad that such a large fraction of your posts on this site have been Kanye-nay-saying. Why does it bother you so much that people enjoy his music and weirdly inspirational outrageous persona to the extent that they do? Is it that important for you to focus on the small amount of people that left the set rather than recognize the fact that most people stayed at the show and had a blast? Don’t get me wrong, i’ve noticed that in a good bit of these same posts you acknowledge his undeniable talent, obviously you’d be a fool not to.. it just seems the most salient aspect of your mission on stereogum has been knocking this man down a peg, like it makes you cringe to see him get some shine.

      • “your mission on stereogum”

        • read through his posts… a very large portion are him being baffled that so many people treat kanye’s art and message the way they do. But cool, cherry picking the only semi-exaggerated clause of the whole post works too, i guess. Like he’s supposed to win some type of award for acknowledging the fact that msot music publications shower him with praise……

          • C.r. Didn’t suggest you listened to music based on how much money an artist makes. Isn’t Bowie generally at the top of the richest musician’s list? I like him. What I’m suggesting is that Kanye’s beats have a topical stink to them the same way a Don Henley or Bruce Hornsby song has that 80s sheen. And that Kanye has no flow, stretching way too hard to make words work. And that he has no aesthetic; didn’t he marry a Kardashian? And that ego can take talent to remarkable levels (Michael Jordan), but that ego unchecked can easily eclipse talent into becoming the commodity (Kanye).

            Also, don’t call me breh, I never kicked sack with you at the quad, or cruised canyon roads with you on longboards at 4am.

          • sorry to burst your bubble, matt scientist, but i was responding to Matt Doss. You know, the guy that posted directly above you saying “Yeah, George W. and those bearded people with the cable show are smart too. Cause they make money.” Yeah, THAT guy.. But thanks for clarifying the fact that Kanye is the rap-game Don Henley and apparently has no artistic “aesthetic” because he “married a Kardashian”… I was actually starting to wonder about that…. now if you’ll excuse me i have to log off. I’m late for that intramural ultimate frisby match.. i’d hate for my tardiness to upset the fellow GDI freshman comrades. They’re some really chill dudes. in fact, we’re probably kicking it at the dorms after the game, if you want to join. We’ll probably just be smoking some great weed through a sploof and jamming that new John Butler Trio album on repeat until we pass out. Maybe you can bring over your ipod and play us some of that Bowie dude you were talking about. Sounds like he’s probably got some crunch tunes. Peace, bruhbruh

      • eh. I don’t know about that guy but I can tell you why it bothers me. He basically embodies this outsized narcissism 90 percent of people seem to be walking around with these days, that I believe is more or less killing the whole country. Also he’s pretty dumb.

      • Well, I don’t know about that guy, but it always makes me cringe to see egomaniacs get the attention they crave. Why wouldn’t I (or any decent person) have the same reaction to Kanye and the sick symbiotic relationship between him and the press?

        • You really think people would give him the attention he craved if his music wasn’t so brilliant? do you really think he’d have the ego he did if he didn’t make the type of music he does and affect people in such a huge way? He realizes his importance. That’s what’s so crazy about this guy- he’s as good as he thinks he is. His music needs his ego and vice-versa

          • There are a lot of artists as great or better than Kanye West who aren’t egomaniacs. Some of them are famous, and some of them aren’t. No amount of talent gives a person a pass to act however s/he wants. To answer your question. I think Kanye West would probably act more or less how he does now no matter what because he seems to have a personality disorder and no interest in altering his behavior in any way.

          • you are correct, Michael. There are some amazing artists out there and they don’t all have the same personality. However, I have to disagree with your sentiment that “no amount of talent gives a person a pass to act however s/he wants”. I think that as a human being, you should be able to “act” however you see fit. You and millions of others don’t really vibe with that behavior, and that’s fine. The way I see it, the guy believes in himself and acknowledges the fact that his music is amazing. To be honest, I’m glad he has “no interest in altering his behavior in any way”. The man’s building an enormous legacy, and by the looks of it all, in general, seems to be doing pretty well for himself.

        • A great many artists – artists of all kinds – are egomaniacs. Its just that very few of them have the balls to not give a fuck what anybody thinks if they set that ego free (he actually reminds me of a few painters in this regard). I’m not placing a personal judgment on that one way or the other. In truth, I like most of Kanye’s music, don’t like most of his none music soapboxing. But I don’t judge him for choosing to express himself in whatever way he sees fit. In fact, as I see it, I think he’s very consciously gone about tearing down his own persona more than once in the last decade. He knows he’s pushing buttons and he knows he’s more often leaving people angry, disgusted and confused than happy and comforted. Again, I have no problem with using your art, including your own image and opinion, to that effect. In the end, he’s the one who is going to have to live with the results.

          • *non-music soapboxing… gah! I hate it when I’m totally happy with a comment but later discover a glaring grammatical error.

  4. Haha, yo Fuck Kanye!

  5. I’m going after hortons. I’m going after ‘donalds. I’m going after wendos. I’m going after big Arb’s beef n ched. I’m DEFINITELY going after taco bell – going after 3 times. I’m going after pizza hut. I’m going after pizza pizza.

    Fast food gives me diarrhea. #godstatus #highpowerfood #tbellbreakfastheadsouthoftheboarderforbreakfast

  6. Stereogum covers every boring second. People care.

  7. trying to imagine the sad crowd begging kanye west to play an encore makes me sad.

  8. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • Definitely. Especially Stuart Murdoch.

      • I believe the term that was used was “rockstar” not “that guy from Belle & Sebastian”.. lol Stuart Murdoch… Forget Gene Simmons, Bono, Mick Jagger, Liam Gallagher, Roger Waters, Steven Tyler, Billy Corgan, Prince, and Jack White. Because when I think, “who is the epitome of a rockstar?” to myself, Stuart Murdoch- Yeah, that guy. He’s who comes to mind.

        • Lol u don’t know. Murdoch is a heathen.

        • Also, I could def totally see Simmons, Bono, Jagger, Gallagher, Waters, Tyler, Corgan, Prince, and Jack White pull the same stunts Kanye did during the VMAs and Katrina. And it’s only a matter of time before Gallagher goes on a radio campaign pleading for his girlfriend to get a star on the walk of fame.

    • People rip on folks like Jack White and Morrissey for their egos all the time, though.

      • Yeah, that’s true. I think people probably have ripped on all of those guys at some point or another. That was pretty much my case.


        I AM MASSARI.

        • gee, donny, when ur funny, it makes important issues disappear and seem trivial in retrospect. Why can’t we all just learn from tha south park writers and treat everything out of the ordinary as a big joke?.. you know, cause dealing with the mental discomfort of being confronted with grandiose messages about confidence and emotionalism by one of the most important artists of our generation.. well, that’s just a total bummer, man. Fuck being serious.

          • Kanye West is one of, if not my favourite musician. Key word there is “musician.” Not “social activist”, or even “liker of people.” His complaints revolve around his frustrations with entering the fashion world and feeling persecuted by the paps. Karl Lagerfeld is an important figure in the former and the latter is basically the lottery in 1984 – in other words, both things are entirely, completely irrelevant and unimportant. “Fuck being serious” indeed!

            Objectively, anything to do with kanye west has nothing to do with “important issues” in not only your life, but in the entire world.

            So let’s take a step back, remember the the US is back in Iraq, and get some context, youngling.

            Also have you seen these shits?

          • but…… but…….. well, damn! let me marinate on that for a bit. I just…

        • Yo, Donnytilla is your house getting bombed? Is your family under threat of horrible violence? So how is that Iraq thing, which people can be aware of while commenting/reading articles about Kanye on a MUSIC/POP CULTURE WEBSITE, more relevant to the important issues of your life as it is to mine? (if your answer is yes tho, ignore/downvote me, and i am sorry.)

          You’re like the smug assholes who think that having read A Song of Ice and Fire and having possession of knowledge you can just Google and learn in literally seconds makes them better than the smallfolk non-book readers.

          • First off, I don’t know how to read. How do you feel now? Like a big man? Because my mom has to type my posts for me? Oh, look at you. Big Man. Taking about fancy BOOKS that no one has heard of especially not my mother, who is fairly well read but got caught up in her own problems and difficulties, and yes, although I did the best to provide for my kids I couldn’t even give them literacy I’m a monster. All I was trying to do was defend my son when he’s just trying to have fun and and joke about Kayne but then we just get attacked, repeatedly. I understand emotions run high but that doesn’t mean you can just run out on your family. “Don’t go to bed angry” – Bill Cosby – remember that next time. Goodness gracious.

            Also, yes my house is getting “bombed” but (as Donny would say) with alcohol lol (“lots of love”).

            - Momma Don

          • Donnytilla, as Chris Jericho says, You sanctimonious son of a bitch.

          • never refer to me by name, pls.

          • donnytilla, donnytilla, donnytilla

      • Yo, but do their opinions (except Morrissey’s veganism, duh), music, art get immediately discredited?

        • Yes, and no, the same as Kanye. Plenty of people love and support Kanye West (and his overpriced sneakers). To say otherwise is utterly ridiculous. No art or opinion is loved by everyone. And if it were the world would be a very boring place, indeed.

    • As I said above, artists having huge egos is not the issue, its that Kanye has ZERO filter on said ego, and it’s not contained within his music as it is with so much other music, hip-hop or otherwise.

  9. i like kanye but i can’t get over that thing on his face in the picture, what is that?

  10. I left halfway through to go watch Mastodon (who were amazing). This was by no means a “triumphant” set. People were booing left and right. People are booing in the first video included in this article!

    Aside from a few songs here and there, I haven’t been a huge fan of anything Kanye’s done since Graduation. Looks like the second half of the set was more up my alley, but so it goes. But beyond that, I think of Kanye as a visually interesting artist. Most of his music videos are great, and I’ve heard crazy things about his tours. I was expecting a spectacle, but there was absolutely nothing to look at during his set. His visuals consisted of a solid red flashing wall, some solarized footage of Kanye on stage, and a black and white video of a waterfall. Woooo. So boring. So disappointing.

    Now Chance the Rapper, there was a triumphant set!

    • I wonder is this was a purposeful response on his part to his last Bonaroo appearance? Not saying it was. Just wondering if it could be.

  11. Yeah the crowd is really going crazy for him. People are exhausted with all the hype on this guy who’s lost his relevance in the music world and has his management scrambling around to bring the tabloid crowd in. His last album was a flop even with the biggest producer in music working on it. Half the media is reporting what really happened at Bonnaroo(like all the booing) and the rest, like Stereogum, is on the payroll. Triumphant? What a f*ckin’ joke.

    • on what planet is the most critically acclaimed album of the year a flop? Maybe to the hip hop heads who want Late Registration pt. 2 every album… co-signs from springsteen, mccartney, lou reed, david fuckin lynch.. the list goes on. A flop. Now that’s the joke.

      • Yes, nothing says hip-hop cred quite like springsteen, mccartney, lou reed and david lynch – veritable pillars of the art form.

        • Yeah man, i almost completely forgot praise is only legitimate if it’s from “veritable pillars” of the EXACT SAME art form. I think I must have missed the interviews where Lou and Lynch were going on about that new Earl Sweatshirt joint. My point being- everybody already knows what guys like Jay, Nas, Drake, Wayne, Kendrick, RZA, Ghost, Rae, Pharrell and Common think about Ye, so when you gain not just approval, but admiration from legends both in and outside of your artform, that’s really saying something. Kanye’s music transcends rap

    • Seriously though, you’re way off with your statements about his relevance and the success of his last album. The reporting about what really happened during his set, maybe not so much.

  12. Public antics aside, Kanye’s a good producer with marginal (at best) emcee skills.

  13. I didn’t get a chance to weed through all of these wonderful comments, but I was there for the show, so I can let you know how it really went down:

    1.) Sound was low in the back half of the crowd. This surely did not help the in-betweeeners get into it as much as they could have

    2.) I remember saying “Maybe he will keep his rants to a minimum this time”…..nope, didn’t happen. He actually started “Stronger”, then stopped it for a mini rant. This is where he lost a good part of the crowd. They gave him the collective benefit of the doubt until that happened.

    3.) The exodus happened right around “Runaway”. Yes, this is one of his typical rant sections, but as I thought previously, maybe could have toned it down slightly.

    4.) The Setlist- huge miss. This was fucking Bonnaroo, they want a good time and to hear the hits. I am ALL FOR artists playing obscure, B-Side songs, and I saw a lot of that this year at the festival. Elton John and Jack White knew what’s up, look at their setlists.

    5.) All in all it was a good performance by a controversial artist. He didn’t win any new fans I am sure, but he didn’t lose his faithful fans. The first 30 rows were eating it up like candy. I wish I could have experienced that part.

    Side note, best Bonnaroo Sets that I saw (this sites top 10 list is pretty fucking ridiclous if you ask me, there is no way to have a proper top 10 list if you physically couldn’t see all the bands

    1.) Jack White
    2.) Phoenix
    3.) Damon Albarn
    4.) Cut Copy
    5.) Kink Khan and the Shrines
    6.) Andrew Bird & The Hands of Glory
    7.) Cherub (I know, right?….they had the crowd eating that shit up)
    8.) Flaming Lips (missed some of it, but what I did see blew my mind)
    9.) Neutral Milk Hotel
    10.) Vampire Weekend – James Blake (Tie)

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