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While it has been more than a decade since we last got new original music from the elusive, indescribably influential Richard D. James bka Aphex Twin, today we get something pretty close. As previously announced, Aphex Twin’s unreleased 1994 album Caustic Window surfaced online as a vinyl test pressing, which the owner was selling for $13,500. After striking a deal with extremely dedicated fan forum We Are The Music Makers, James, and James’ label, a Kickstarter was set up that would provide backers with a digital copy of the 70-minute album. Now that time has come, and the album is already available on Youtube. My immediate impression is it’s a pretty fascinating record, acting almost like a stepping stone from the ambient techno of SAW 80-92, but starting to resemble the sound design and timbres of Richard D. James Album. Listen to all of Caustic Window below.

The only physical copy of Caustic Window is now up for auction on eBay with proceeds going to James and a charity chosen by WATMM. Check that out right here.

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  1. Whew, it’s been a long time comin yall

  2. I just wish I had robot ears.

  3. pretty good…yea.

  4. I’m so disappointed this only has three comments. :(

  5. So, my two cents…

    While it’s good, and it’s nice to finally hear it, it’s not THAT good. In fact, by RDJ standards, its pretty simple. And nearly every song sound similar to something that was released on another album or ep between 93 and 97. In fact I think some of the drum programming is near identical to some other tracks that saw release in those years. I also find it interesting that the Mike & Rich album isn’t getting much mention, because I definitely hear it all over The Caustic Window Album. I’d much rather see a proper release of AB5, which contains some absolutely brilliant tracks. Not to slag on it too much, though, as I do like it. I just can’t see it moving very far from near the bottom of my own personal RDJ album list.

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