How To Dress Well - "What Is This Heart?"

The upcoming LP from Tom Krell’s How To Dress Well, “What Is This Heart?”, is one of the year’s best — following his remarkable live debut of the album last week in NYC, the record came in at #6 on our list of The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far. For anyone who hasn’t heard it, you have to do so as soon as possible. How soon is now? Krell is streaming the LP on now.

“What Is This Heart?” is out 6/24 via Weird World. Pre-order it on CD, Deluxe LP, or MP3.

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  1. This album is everything I hoped it would be <3

    • I was thinking the same thing! Especially when they showed promos during the playoffs of Ginobili looking pensively at the championship trophy.

  2. Excellent album, really impressed. I agree that this is one of the year’s best so far.

    Do you guys recognize the sample in “Precious Love?” I used to work as a phone operator and that opening riff was the hold music for a bunch of different companies!

  3. Yes, this is exactly what I needed today. Heard a lot of these when I saw them live. Just wonderful.

  4. I had to repeat “Pour Cyril” several times. Such an incredible song.

  5. Man, I really really like this album. The production and melody is absolutely incredible.

    But the singing. He has a great voice, but he sings so out of tune often. It’s really hard for me to get any replay value on this. I can only appreciate it so much.

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