Jack White - Lazaretto

When Jack White released his first solo album Blunderbuss two years ago, he scored the first Billboard #1 of his entire career; none of his bands had scaled to that peak. And now he’s got another #1 to his name. Lazaretto, white’s new solo album album, is the top-selling album for the past week in the United States, Canada, and Denmark. The album is also at the top of another list, and this one won’t be a surprise. White, a longtime vinyl devotee, fitted out the LP version of Lazaretto with all sorts of special doohickeys, and then he pimped that version on late-night shows like The Tonight Show and Conan. As a result, the vinyl edition of Lazaretto sold 40,000 copies in one week, the most since Soundscan began keeping tabs on such things, as White’s website proudly announces.

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  1. I think this great news; it shows great music still can still sell with a little verve and marketing. The mission is for us music nerds to save the music industry, if we choose to accept it.

  2. Wow. 40k vinyl sales. Impressive. OWWWOOOOOOOO!

  3. this is cool i guess because vinyl sales are doing well and all that but does anybody else think it kind of sucks that it takes a stadium-sized, super-marketed bona fide fuckin rock star who just HAPPENS to have a soft spot for vinyl and a major obsession with being the first one to ever put crazy gimmicks onto a vinyl record to make this many first week vinyl sales? he’s even like super proud that he’s the FIRST ONE EVER to sell that many records in one week. megalomania man.

  4. I bought the vinyl and it’s great and everything, but the album doesn’t hold up nearly as well. Since I’ve bought it, apart from the initial few listens, I’ve found that I mostly just put it on to show people what it does.

  5. I’m glad that Jack White is having continued success, but it drives me crazy that Captain Vinyl himself has yet to put out Get Behind Me Satan in any meaningful way. I mean, you’re releasing crazy trick records all the time. Stick it under a label, or on a dual groove or something, Jack. Help out a fan.

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