Alt-J - "Hunger Of The Pine"

Last week, the British trio alt-J announced that they’d follow up their massively successful and Mercury Prize-winning debut An Awesome Wave with the new album This Is All Yours later this year. They’ve now shared “Hunger Of The Pine,” the first song we’ve heard from the album. It’s an eerie, still, atmospheric song that explodes its own effect when it includes a sample of Miley Cyrus singing “I’m A Female Rebel.” Seriously, when that sample comes in, you might think you accidentally left music playing in a different tab. It’s an interesting and effective song, and you can hear it below.

This Is All Yours is out 9/23 on Canvasback/Infectious.

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  1. Well damn, I need a cigarette after that one.

  2. The rub here though is that I wouldn’t have Miley up on a different tab, ever, so instead I was totally submerged into this baby….very promising.

  3. Glad to hear they’re being as experimentally catchy as ever; idk know about that Miley sample tho, seems like it doesn’t serve much purpose beside being click baity.

  4. This is awesome. With this and the new How To Dress Well album, I’m having a great day.

  5. I wasn’t a huge fan of An Awesome Wave, but this is KILLA.
    Miley/Alt-J love seems to be reciprocal. She uses ‘Fitzpleasure’ during the intro of her live show.

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  8. I’ve always felt like these dudes have been on the brink of something spectacular yet they pull back every time leaving me unsatisfied. Same goes for this track. Here’s to hoping they get me one day.

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