Women Of Tigers Jaw And Pity Sex Kissed By Stage-Crashers In Brooklyn

Today in Completely Fucked Up News: an audience member hopped on stage and tried to kiss both Britty Drake of Pity Sex and Brianna Collins of Tigers Jaw during their sold out sets at Music Hall Of Williamsburg last night. This is never OK, on stage or off — to touch someone without their consent is sexual assault, plain and simple. Right after the incident, Collins said on stage: “Just because I’m up here and I’m a girl does not give you the right to touch me.” Unfortunately, this has been a problem in music for far too long, from last year’s incident at a The Story So Far show to Iggy Azalea’s admission that she has to wear multiple pairs of underwear on stage to protect herself from people in the audience. Collins posted a statement on Tumblr today with a clear message: “IT IS NEVER OKAY TO TOUCH SOMEONE WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.” Here’s the whole statement and some tweets:

Last night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, someone came on stage and very forcibly tried to kiss me, and actually did kiss Britty while she was playing. Another person from the tour was kissed while taking a photo… This tour is the first time something like this has happened to me, and I definitely feel responsible to say something.

IT IS NEVER OKAY TO TOUCH SOMEONE WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. Ever. I felt so upset and violated, as did the others who this happened to.. Touching someone without their consent is not only upsetting for that person, but is also a crime. We all need to respect each other’s space — whether it’s someone in the band or someone crowd surfing. I just want to play music with my friends and I shouldn’t have to be worried whether or not every person stage diving is going to do something like that. I don’t want it to come down to having to say that there’s no stage diving allowed at our shows, but if stuff like this keeps happening and I feel unsafe and uncomfortable when we play, I don’t know any other solution.

So please – DO NOT EVER touch/kiss/grab someone that has not given you consent to do so. You are not entitled to that no matter what the situation is. Be a decent human being and keep your hands to yourself.

- Brianna

This is insanely messed up and plays into a dark side of the music scene that’s built on misogyny and entitlement. You can read some thoughts about the incident here and here from women who are more qualified than me to address the issue head-on.

Tigers Jaw and Pity Sex both released fantastic albums in the past year so let’s listen to some music:

[Photo by Mimi Hong/BK Vegan.]

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  1. OMG, NO comments for this yet?? What the fuck is happening to the world?
    And what the fuck is going on with security at Music Hall of Williamsburg? Or do they even have any?

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    • If we’re talking kiss on the lips, then, yeah, I think we’re heading into different territory.

    • Nope, still completely fucked up. It’s absolutely sexual and it’s disgusting that someone thinks that they have the “right” to jump on stage and invade someone’s personal space in any way, doesn’t matter if it was for a kiss or a hug or even just a pat on the back. It’s not an isolated incident and is more indicative of a lack of respect and, as said above, a “culture of entitlement” that’s perpetuated by people that hear that these things happen and don’t think it’s a “big deal” or something to get outraged about. Not trying to single you out but a lot of people are going to see this and shrug it off without thinking about what it signifies for our society as a whole.

    • Putting your mouth on someone in any way is sexual unless context dictates otherwise (European greeting, CPR, kissing a friend or family member on the cheek…) I’d say it’s fucked up. I’m sure it’s not the craziest thing that’s happened to a female performer in the middle of a show, but it’s fucked up nonetheless.

      • this is exactly right. the context of walking up to a stranger and kissing them is in no way a small deal. it’s fucked up

        • Yet at these kinds of concerts it is completely acceptable to hurl your entire body off of the stage and into one or several unsuspecting fellow concertgoers, placing them in danger of real bodily harm. And an innocent display of affection is being labeled “completely fucked up” and has the entire internet up in arms? I am sensitive to the relevant issues at play here, and I am 100% against rape and the objectification of women, but this was not sexual assault, people. Definitely not cool, but everyone needs to calm the fuck down.

          • Kissing someone against their will is sexual assault. Period. Sure, it’s not as bad as violently tackling someone and molesting them, but that’s why humans have evolved the ability to understand degrees of nuance.

          • Yeah, ‘degrees of nuance’. That’s why I’m arguing that to call this ‘completely fucked up’ is kind of a disservice to the issue of sexual assault. The guy is an asshole, and he was being way too forceful. But I’m not comfortable referring to any stolen kiss on the cheek as ‘sexual assault’.

    • Just look at the picture. That’s no kind-of-okay kiss on the cheek if he’s holding her by her neck…

    • not gonna lie, my initial reaction to reading this was similar to yours, but check the photo up top. that really puts it into perspective. he literally grabbed her neck and pulled it to his face in the middle of while she’s trying to play. it may not be sexual so to speak but it’s still definitely an act of aggression, regardless of whether or not that was his intention.

  3. It sucks that these women can’t even perform music without fear of being violated. Music is about liberation, and to touch/kiss someone without their consent completely undermines that essential truth about music.

    Can we all agree to treat all people with dignity and respect? No one is an object to be used for your own amusement.

  4. How did this guy get the chance to do this twice with two different bands? Why wasn’t he kicked out the first time it happened? Just horrible.

    • That was my first thought too. Were the bands both on stage at the same time? I’m kinda hoping that was the case.

      • According to one of the reports (can’t remember which one), security couldn’t find the guy in the crowd after the first time it happened but managed to the next time. Wasn’t there so I don’t know for sure but I’m sure the crowd couldn’t either or else they would have pointed him out.

    • I agree this is seriously fucked, aldo. The fact that none of the guys in these bands immediately beat the shit out of this joker is disgraceful.

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        • Woah, yeah, I guess ur right dog. I see ur point. Damb…

          NOT! awful comment, ceb

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  5. I wonder if all these Mens rights type of violations that are being shown the spotlight in recent times and refreshingly, are being radiated throughout social media with negative connotations will finally make a change in the lives of Americans. Men need to be taught to control themselves. As sad as it sounds, we need to teach male children not to touch and rape. I mean you’d think that this is common sense but classes need to be taught Maybe starting at age 10 little male kids can be enrolled in a don’t touch 101 and then graduate to don’t rape 102 .

    • Why single out male children, or men in general? Why shouldn’t everyone be taught that people’s personal space shouldn’t be violated without consent, regardless of gender? In the Iggy Azalea story from a few months ago, she says that women are much more brazen and apt to try something because they think the shared gender makes it “okay.”

      • because men are like usually bigger and stronger. i mean, the chances of you running into brienne of fucking tarth are smaller than hitting the powerball. and men make up like 90% or more assault cases. sure, there are women predators but they are very rare outliers and it would be more economical just to educate males

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      • I’ve been on the receiving end of repeated junk grabs and rubs by drunk adult ladies who should know better. It was very very not cool. Per the guy below, I guess I should have just punched them in the face, right? Problem fucking solved, next problem.

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  6. Not the end of the world. Smack that guy down and bounce him out of the club. End of story. No need to get overly emo about it.

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  8. I’m kinda surprised that nobody has brought up the Danny Brown incident from last year.

  9. Not at all surprised that the ‘people’ complaining about the outcry are dudes.

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    • That list has 10 women and 10 men. Also even if it were drastically one sided, having a crush has nothing to do with assault.

      • Not assault, but entitlement. The tumblr-jezebel congregate have decided that liking someone without their consent is a patriarchal offense and you are not allowed to have crushes!

        • you are severely misunderstanding the world around you.
          You are allowed to have any crush you want. You can’t act on it without consent and you probably shouldn’t be a creep about it but no one is trying to control how you feel.

  11. gotta say that, not knowing either of these bands, making sense of this headline is a pretty hard slog.

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  13. What a bastard. They appear to be taking it in their stride so good on them.

  14. The guy in the background doesn’t seem to mind. He actually looks like he’s enjoying it.

  15. Interesting how the use of the right wing phrase “Culture of entitlement” creeps in here, i’d say it’s more a culture of stupidity than entitlement, she should have clocked him in the face, of course then he would have sued, someone in the audience should have jumped up and yanked his ass down, Creepy Douche is messing up the show for everyone and these women have every right to be outraged, imagine someone walking down the street and trying this on random strangers, they’d be arrested or have their ass kicked in no time… at least i would hope.

  16. I want to go on record here saying that I have pictures of that same guy doing the same thing to the singer from bleached a year and a half ago at the el rey in LA based in Michael’s picture. I don’t know how to insert it so here is the link to the pic. http://tinyurl.com/kz5bx8k

  17. Not to mention the epidemic of groping when women crowd surf at shows. That, to me, is worse than kissing someone.

  18. I was wondering why this was such a big deal until I saw the pictures and realized drunk girls have tried to pull the same stuff on me. It fucking sucks. Respect to the ladies in bands who’ve dealt with this.

  19. The most reprehensible thing about this is how nobody clocked him over the head then and there and tossed him forcibly off stage with accompanied warning (aka The Homme Way) instead of resorting to that shitstain of humanity known as tumblr.

  20. Yeah, but what was she wearing…….

  21. Yes, this is sexual assault, but I think going so far as to say “touching someone without their consent is sexual assault” is pretty extreme. That’s just not how human communication works. Kissing and actual explicitly sexual activity is obviously different, and this is undoubtedly bad — but at the same time, making such a wide and sweeping definition of sexual assault seems sort of dangerous.

    Unless of course, the implicit definition of ‘touch’ here is ‘touch sexually.’ In which case I don’t think using the word ‘touch’ is appropriate.

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    • No one said this was only about women. See this link. http://propertyofzack.com/post/69288633473/never-do-this-at-a-show-ever In this area of music where shows are smaller, people getting on stage and touching the musicians is considered extremely offensive, whether the musician is male or female. Stop trying to find fault in raising awareness against assault.

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        • The difference is, as men we don’t spend most of our lives worried about sexual assault. It’s terrible when it happens to anyone, but on and offstage, it tends to happen more to women.

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          • Well, if you want to just discuss onstage sexual assault, then no, I won’t argue you with you. Both sexes have dealt with their fair share of abuse. That being said, life is broader than that one specific point. Life is onstage and off. Sexual assault will always be something that women are more vocal about because it happens more to them in general. And that’s 100% fine by me.

            And don’t say I’m laughably wrong. I generally respect your opinions, but that comes off as dickish. Agree with you about silent downvotes though.

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      • You’re being downvoted because your reference to China has no logical connection to anything, and because everyone thinks it’s amusing to imagine smoke pouring out of your ears as you type 2,000 words into these comment boxes in between reloading Pick-Up Artist message boards in a separate tab.

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          • Are you still posting? You haven’t counted your words, fine — though I notice you’re rather obsessive about tallying your up/down votes — but surely you’ve noticed that you’re responsible for over half of the text in this comments section, right? Maybe it’s time to hang back a bit. You’ve expressed yourself sufficiently, and your continued histrionics aren’t making anybody like you any better.

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    • Just how many redpills have you taken today?

  25. Nothing quite like a guy coming to a story about a woman being sexually assaulted and making it all about men. Keep it classy, dude.

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  26. …people are literally kidnapped and forced into sex slavery…
    (human trafficking)

    maybe if we fight the root of the issue, it wouldn’t be viewed as “ok” to invade peoples personal space…

  27. meanwhile, danny brown gets sexually assaulted on stage and the indie world remains silent… #DOUBLESTANDARD

  28. I seriously cannot believe how long this thread is.

    Get off the stage, idiot.
    Don’t kiss people without permission, moron.

    Can we be done now?

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