Weezer kids

If God didn’t want us to laugh at the misfortunes of children, He wouldn’t have invented the internet. And so here we have a video of four young men, at some sort of rock band recital, attempting a cover of Weezer’s “Undone (The Sweater Song)” and, at the very least, getting through it, at least until the calamitous moment when things stop working. The silver lining: They got Rivers Cuomo to watch them play! Check out the video below, and then feel bad about yourself for laughing.

(via Cuomo’s Twitter)

The guitarist is clearly the MVP here, for attempting to stifle a giggle and absolutely failing.

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  1. The best part is the beginning, the pain in that kid’s roar anticipating what’s next.

  2. Good video. The drummer deserves a shout-out too. overeager drummers hit the cymbal whenever they get a chance. Not this dude. Just stuck to the beat. Good work.

  3. Fast forward to :25 if you’re too impatient to watch the whole minute. Also, the keyboardist’s face as he looks down in defeat is absolutely hilarious.

  4. So much better than Weezer.

  5. awww. also those kids are actually kinda cool. I’d love to have been friends with them at school.

  6. bass player with the broken finger pulling a kirk gibson on all of us.

  7. Haha funny stuff. I enjoyed drummer at :36 making a gentle tap tap out of awkwardness. They kept it pretty cool

  8. The real indignity here is that kid having to play v-drums through a guitar amp. C’mon, Grosse Pointe Music Academy — give this kid a real kit!

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