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A few years ago, the FBI’s National Gang Intelligence Center, in a report, referred to juggalos as a “loosely organized hybrid gang,” which is a weird thing to call a group or music fans. Insane Clown Posse stepped in to defend their fans, filing a lawsuit against the FBI and asking the FBI to disclose whatever documents they used to make that classification. Hearings are scheduled to start today in a Detroit federal court. Now Billboard reports that the U.S. Justice Department has asked the judge working the case to dismiss the lawsuit, claiming that ICP and their fans have no grounds to sue and that the FBI isn’t responsible for any problems that might come from law enforcement agencies using its report.

Meanwhile, this year’s Gathering Of The Juggalos is set to include Cypress Hill and Cannibal Corpse, which means ICP’s festival is arguably cooler than anything the FBI has ever done.

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  1. I have to say that I’m on the FBI’s side on this one. While any fanbase has it’s nuts and crazys, ICP seems to attract these types. Have you ever encountered these people in real life? I’d be a little nervous to be alone in a bus stop with a group of them (or any other group of people who conceal their face in some way in public). Just google “Juggalo Crime” if you are curious. While I don’t support generalizing and I’m sure there are a lot of very kind and normal “Juggalos”, the FBI’s report is not completely off base.

    • I don’t know, I think adding “crime” to any search on google would likely give you results that include, well, crime. And because they’re all people, and people commit crime, then there are bound to be some Juggalos that commit crimes.

      If you’re nervous around folks that conceal their faces, you must be nervous about non-rap-enthusiast clowns, as well as cold people, Muslim women, Shredder-impersoators, mascots, etc. etc. etc. the joke continues.

      • I wouldn’t say that adding crime to anything will reveal gruesome murders at the hands of whatever you stick before it, like it does with juggalo. Deadhead Crime for example.

        Muslim women in veils are hardly intimidating, and I would definitely be nervous by a Group of clowns hanging out at a bus stop. And woe to Shredder if I encounter him at a bus stop alone.

        • I’ll admit to searching “mime crime” and finding nothing.

          But I still think this is true: mimes (or other non-Juggalos) commit crimes but the crime is not attributed to their being a mime, hence not being part of a large “mimes commit crimes” compendium. Juggalos commit crimes and it’s attributed to their Juggalo-ness, and a large record of Juggalos that commit crimes can be found in an internet search. But that does not mean that being a Juggalo makes you violent, as much as it means that people that play video games are more violent, or people that read crime novels or watch tv shows about police officers or whatever.

          • Mime crime of any sort would be a minor headline and if separate groups (or gangs if you will) of mimes were committing murders and committing other violent crime then it would in my opinion warrant being mentioned by the FBI in their report on gang growth, as that qualifies as such (as with ICP, imo). Obviously most mimes aren’t guilty and shouldn’t be treated as such but it would certainly be cause for the FBI to report on it

    • Have you ever encountered these people in real life??

      Any interaction i’ve ever had has always been one of hospitality, acceptance, and faygo– they don’t judge and are just looking for a group of like-minded ninjas to welcome them as their own.

      So next time you judge– look in the mirror, then go eat a butt.

      • I guess we’ve had different experiences, I’ve witnessed more harassment at the hands of Juggalo’s than the Faygo passing kind. I didn’t judge all of them as a community, just saying that a lot of people have done some messed up things in the name of Juggalo.

    • Except it *is* off-base. The criteria for calling something a gang is much more complex than “I’d be nervous to run into them at a bus stop”.

      The FBI is the most powerful crime-fighting organization in the world, and when it makes a formal report labeling a group of people a “gang”, it gives local and state governments justification to crack down. There’s enough police violence in our country as it is without cops using gang-war tactics on every face-painted suburbanite they find skateboarding in a 7-11 parking lot.

      Picture some 16 yr old juggalette getting in trouble for trespassing or stealing a candy bar. If her municipality deems juggalos a gang, then her ICP t-shirt means her petty crime is “gang related”. That goes in her file forever and is considered at sentencing. It sounds silly but that’s how these things work.

      Let’s not forget that the FBI gives free reign to consider anti-war protestors as “potential terrorists”, enabling them to be locked up for days without charge. It’s all part of the same culture of American law enforcement’s disproportionate response to even the slightest anti-authoritarian display.

      Juggalos are obnoxious, and the low-hanging fruit of music fandom, but they are categorically *not* a gang. I hope this goes before a judge, and I hope ICP wins. The FBI needs to be held accountable for turning normal citizens into enemies of the state.

      (yeah I just called juggalos “normal citizens”)

      • I don’t want to get into a whole political thing about the way that gang activities are prosecuted. There is a flipping wikipedia page just dedicated to “Juggalo gangs”. Here’s a nice example “Also in 2010, a Juggalette who was not affiliated with any gang was assaulted by a new Juggalo gang called the Juggalo Killers, who knocked her unconscious before carving the letters “JK” into her chest, because they wanted to be the only group wearing Insane Clown Posse merchandise in their territory.”

        Again, this is not representative of most fans of ICP or juggalos, but I wouldn’t call the FBI completely off base when things like that are going on in the name of being a a Juggalo.

        • I have no problem with classifying individual Juggalo gangs as gangs. It’s not hard at all to imagine that there are real gangs with Juggalo members.

          But ICP have sold over five million records. It’s irresponsible and unethical to classify their entire fan base as a gang. The FBI has a responsibility to know better.

          • If you read the FBI report, its not really that inflammatory. It merely states some facts about where there have been reports of juggalo gangs. I wouldn’t say these are just real gangs with juggalo members, but gangs based around being a Juggalo. The FBI also has sections under “Asian Gangs” and “Sudanese Gangs” and they give similar information for those groups. they aren”t implying that everyone in Juggalo makeup is a gang member, just like they aren’t implying that all Asian or Sudanese people are automatically gang members. This is just an “Emerging Trends” manual, where they discuss where gang growth is going, not the law on handling and prosecuting gang members.

  2. True story – My older brother knew a guy who got his house essentially taken over by a gang of Juggalos in Worcester, MA. He was forced to leave while they proceeded to just destroy the place.

  3. Ferns, you are absolutely correct on this. Put in the word “crime” with anything other word or phrase in Google – Barbie crime, Mormon crime, baseball crime, etc and you get something bad in the results. Talk about “leading”. How about just typing in “Juggalo” and try to look for the credible sources of information?

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