David Yow on Pancake Mountain

Throughout the ’90s, David Yow, frontman of the Jesus Lizard, was more famous for twisting his balls up into weird shapes onstage than for anything adorable and/or educational. He was not someone you would want to leave around your kids. And, well, I’m still not convinced that he is. But Yow did recently make an appearance on Pancake Mountain, a Washington, D.C.-based kids’ TV show, as a frantic celebrity chef. Pancake Mountain, famous for including indie bands into its spectacle, started out as a public-access show, and now it’s a YouTube-only thing produced through PBS’s digital studio. And now it’s got Yow, looking extremely haggard and doing some kind of impossible-to-place bugged-out Bobcat Goldthwaite-esque accent, teaching a puppet how to make ants on a log. Witness the absurdity below.

Given that they called this thing “Cooking With Yow,” it at least seems possible that he’s going to get a regular segment, like Mark Mothersbaugh and Biz Markie on Yo Gabba Gabba. Nothing makes sense anymore.

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  1. It’s like Tim and Eric directed a cooking segment.

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