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Weezer have spent the past few months teasing their forthcoming Ric Ocasek-produced album Everything Will Be Alright In The End through oblique online videos, and their latest teaser features only a few brief seconds of new music but a whole pile of cryptic clues. The black-and-white video, titled “Eulogy For A Rock Band,” lasts a minute and a half, and it features (I believe) Rivers Cuomo as the sort of scientist you see in ’50s sci-fi movies, and a conspicuously Rivers-esque young nerd hugging his mom goodbye as he leaves home. None of this answers the question of whether this album will be any good, but if you feel like developing any True Detective-style conspiracy theories, the video is below.

There’s still no word on when we can expect an album release, but we will, of course, let you know.

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  1. It looks like Weezer are having fun once again. Not fun in the really lame ironic trolling way like shooting a video at the Playboy Mansion or having Lil Wayne spit rhymes and ruin what was once a perfectly good demo. I’ve always loved Weezer, but somewhere along the Geffen road, they lost their way. Then they had song doctors and co-songwriters and let other members of the band contribute to the album which while you might think was cool turned out to not be as cool as you might think. This video looks like they’re having fun again like they did in the goofy days of Blue album.
    I’ve sat through every Weezer record and maybe I speak for fellow fans in saying that the last Weezer record that I felt wasn’t just a pop artifice was ”Maladroit”. Judging from the sound clips (particuarly the ending song) it sounds like Rivers is still writing a good melody and the production sounds rough in a really good way. I’d hate to listen to ”Everything…’ with high expectations and be dissapointed like I was with ”Red” and to a lesser extent ”Raditude” but they have it in them to give us at least 1 strong record to make up for the past 4. Hiring Ric was wise only if they play by his rules.
    I hope he told them to not guage influence and direction from the charts of 2014 and instead be the cardigan wearing geeks we loved that b roke the rules by being goofy AND smart at the same time, in an era where their records reflectd it. Long live the Weez.- A Weezer fan since 1994.

  2. I’m all for artists moving out of their comfort zones, stretching out, experimenting, etc, but in the case of Weezer, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Rivers needs to stop letting other people write (and sing) the songs, Ric Ocasek needs to be Weezer’s producer in perpetuity, and Pat Wilson needs to give up his strange obsession with the guitar. Seriously, dude. You’re a drummer. Deal with it.

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