Spoon on Kimmel

After a way-too-long absence, Spoon will return to us later this summer with their new album They Want My Soul, and last night, they played two of the album’s skeletal sidewinders on Jimmy Kimmel Live big outdoor festival stage. They were two songs we’ve already heard in some form: The single “Rent I Pay” on the show proper, and “Rainy Taxi,” which the band debuted at the Primavera Sound Festival earlier this month, as an online bonus. But the performances offer us a loud, clear chance to see this band back in action, and that is a glorious thing to see. Watch both performances below.

They Want My Soul is out 8/5 on Loma Vista. “Rent I Pay” is such a goddam good song.

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  1. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I find it impossible to stay mentally engaged for the entire duration of a Spoon song. I get that they’re a “good band”, but I find these songs incredibly boring.

    • Counterpoint: These songs are hot. I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, because it’s your opinion, but there is an energy and a driving passionate force behind these songs, and that is what entangles me the most. I find it hard to break away from them. Spoon songs are unique and fascinating in that they are so often focused on intricate juxtaposition of sounds, rather than outright bombast or surprise twists. They travel and grow without ever getting physically bigger or more complex. I am mesmerized by songs like “Rainy Taxi” because it’s like watching a wall of detailed flowered wallpaper slowly burn from the ground up. The contrast between beautiful and dangerous, and that driving beat that pulls to the eventual conclusion of cleansing flames.

      Counter-Counterpoint: They’re rock songs, dude. Don’t over think it.

  2. Killer bridge on Rainy Taxi. Can’t wait to get my hands on this album.

  3. Does Nels Cline front Spoon?

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