Riff Raff - "Introducing The Icon" video

“Introducing The Icon” is the first and maybe the best song on Riff Raff’s newly-released official debut Neon Icon. It’s an aggressive, absurdist bulldozer of nonsense braggadocio, and the part where Riff makes fun of Diplo just about makes my heart sing. The new video, from director Stuey Kubrick, is exactly the sort of dizzy rainbow the song needs. It’s a fast-edited blur of song lyrics and butts and platinum fangs and digital non-sequiturs, and it’s a lot of fun. Watch it below.

Neon Icon is out now on Mad Decent.

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  1. My love of Riff Raff is purely ironic, but this is seriously one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time.
    And that back and forth with Diplo, even though it’s a copy of the Dre/Eminem “My Name Is”, is so damn funny.

  2. Cool, now I have a neon headache.

  3. This cat is another cultural litmus test. 10 years from now when the discussion turns to “Remember Riff Raff? Didja listen to that?” Don’t be THAT guy that has to say “Yup” with shame on yo’ face.


  4. So, no wedding shoes

  5. He’s a total novelty rapper that will be forgotten five years from now, but GODDAMN this track is straight BOOM BAP and the video is INCREDIBLE.

  6. song of the year, nay….song of the MILLENIUM

  7. Needs more booty

  8. Yo, it’s a CLEAR TURTLENECK!


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