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This week we launched our Song Of The Summer poll, which pissed off many of you because it did not include the songs you wanted on the ballot. But here’s the thing: the concept of Song Of The Summer is a thing with a widely agreed upon definition. Here’s NPR, for example: “We’re talking about a song that explodes and quickly permeates pop culture. It runs rampant up and down your radio dial, around your parties and deep in your brain.” It’s not necessarily your favorite song of the year nor the best song of the year; it’s a pop radio hit that for better or worse will always remind you of this season. We really should have done an “Indie Song Of The Summer” or a straight-up “Song Of The Summer” poll without Future Islands or Röyksopp to confuse things. So, sorry. It’s a dumb poll without Grimes, anyway!



Wesley Morgan Paraham | Jun 24th Score:25

fight the power my nigga

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#9 plastic pants | Jun 26th Score:26

Oh man this is going to be the most divisive song of the year.

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Tim Curtin | Jun 24th Score:26

well i guess this summer is going to suck

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#7 makeitpop | Jun 24th Score:27

Manu Ginobli really on fire right now.

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David Fox | Jun 24th Score:30

Honestly, what is Stereogum’s problem with Mac Demarco?

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Kenny Williams | Jun 24th Score:31

If you want us to vote for “what this season means to us” then you should’ve included our actual suggestions instead of a few of these shitty choices.

I know The War On Drugs isn’t “summer music” but it got a lot of votes and obviously means A LOT to us this year.

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Fearghal Breslin | Jun 24th Score:32

Caribou – Can’t do without you??? C’mon man, keep up keep up.

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#3 plb102 | Jun 24th Score:34

“a Song Of The Summer should have to get played on pop radio I think”

Does anyone have the list of previous Song of the Summer winners to see if they all meet this standard? I thought Japandroids won two summers ago and I never heard them on pop radio. I can’t recall any other winners besides “Get Lucky”.

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#2 MagicUnicornFairy | Jun 24th Score:39

Hey everyone!

I made a poll that has the top 10 comments from the nomination page as options! Here it is:

If enough people vote, I’ll post the “Revised Readers’ Choice” Song of the Summer 2014 to either this week’s or next week’s “Best Comments of the Week” page.

Please keep in mind that this is the first time I’ve made a poll, so if you notice any issues, please let me know!

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#1 plb102 | Jun 24th Score:47

Didn’t the guy who suggested “Talking Backwards” get a ton of plus 1′s? Take a hint Stereogum…

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#4 lintmonster | Jun 24th Score:-12

I think Japandroids had a lot of buzz that summer, even though they were a flash in the pan. I think that is why they were on the list for song of the summer.

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#3 lintmonster | Jun 25th Score:-14

They’re all the worst.

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Matthew Collier | Jun 24th Score:-23

I wonder how many sexual favors it took to get this uninteresting track to get made

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#1 Scott Lapatine | Jun 24th Score:-26

Sorry if that was misleading — we intended to create the ballot ourselves but w/ some input from commenters. We included Future Islands because so many people wanted it, but I don’t really see how it’s eligible; a Song Of The Summer should have to get played on pop radio I think.

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ryn_weaver | Jun 24th Score:22

hehe that would be nice to have some major label money. Actually, i met benny at a party a year back and showed him my sound cloud… he had already been working with cashmere cat a bit… and he showed michael some of my music that I had produced and written on my own… and we all kinda just started to make some music. I’m signed to friends keep secrets… and indie. this is actually more of a passion project for them but it’s my vision. I know i’m not supposed to respond to internet trolls but i was bored. xx

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  1. Do you guys want a new poll w/ just your 10 highest voted suggestions? Real Estate, Spoon, Mac DeMarco, etc? We can scrap the old one and start fresh…

    • I know MagicUnicornFairy put together a poll with what I think were the Top 10 most upvoted comments in the shortlist here:

      I don’t know how many people voted on his poll versus the other poll, so we could possibly do a re-vote to make it more accurate. Maybe ya’lls poll with the typical songs of summer candidates and then the poll of what is OUR song of the summer.

      I get where you’re coming from with us voting on what is that one “Song of the Summer” and I think the confusion stems from last year when the Song of the Summer was “Get Lucky” and also our unanimous choice for song of the summer. It was a rare summer where everyone got behind Daft Punk (as if there was every another option). So I could see how this year it got confusing.

      Since you apologized my joke I had prepared doesn’t work as well, but here it goes anyway:

      Seems Mr. Lapatine is looking to get off…

      ( •_•)
      ( •_•)>⌐■-■

      Scott Free

      • Hi all! An update on the Reader Nominated poll:

        So far, 233 have voted, and more votes are still coming in! (In an effort not to spoil the big reveal, I’m going to have to stay pretty vague here.) What I can say is that it is a very close race, and that there have been multiple lead changes between multiple songs.

        Stay tuned!

        • Another (not so uplifting) update on the Reader Nominated Poll:

          I realized early on in the voting that it was possible for a person to vote for a song more than once. However, I was unable to find any way to restrict the ability of a person to vote more than once. No joke, I did a lot of research. It’s really impossible. In my experience, Stereogum users have been (with a few small exceptions) mature and (mostly) responsible, so I figured you all would be able to vote in a manner that didn’t compromise the poll, such as not voting for Red Eyes 50 times per se…

          I am sorry to say that this is not the case, and someone did, in fact, vote for Red Eyes more than 50 times. Since I have no way of accessing and deleting these votes, voting for the Reader Nominated poll has now officially closed. My apologies to those who voted within the past few hours, and to those who didn’t get the chance to vote.

          Please note: the Pre-Red-Eyes-Spam-Vote results will STILL be announced in the ‘gum Song of the Summer Announcement post.

    • “I demand satisfaction!” – everyone, hahaha

      I mean the quote from the simpsons tv show, not the hit song by the rollin stone bahahaha #lol

    • My guess is Future Islands will win both anyway so I’m not sure if there’s a point. I can’t think of any “summery sounding” songs that I like that have come out in the last few months. That new Grimes song will be a contender for a lot of folks but I have mixed feelings about it.

    • 2nd place last year was Diane Young, which peaked at #11 on the US alt chart.

      I think you should have 2 polls. make it fair for everyone

  2. I am sitting here in my basement when I should really be in Brooklyn right now for the weekend. I had the plans finalized for over a month now, was looking forward to actually having fun for once in my boring life in the company of friends, my bus ticket booked and then comes today when my best friend mentions he might be a little distracted this weekend because his recenlty-exed girlfriend who dumped him and was really mean to him decided that yes, maybe they should give it another shot, and that she’d like to get together with him tonight and tomorrow. “It’s just bad timing,” he tells me of it, not wanting to actually say what I knew what he was thinking, but after dancing around the topic, I finally ask, “Do you not want me to come? I can tell you’re going to be distracted either way and don’t want to get in the way of that opportunity.” “Would you mind?! I’m so, so, sorry! I owe you big time!!!” and a flood of a dozen apologies that mean nothing to me at that point because there was my heart being crushed in an almost predictably sad way again. I am the best friend anyone could ask for, but what does it matter when you’re just alone all of the time because of it.

    I have the worst life ever and am going to kill myself live in a TinyChat room or something because obviously nothing good is supposed to ever happen to me.

    • Please don’t kill yourself. No good comes of it.

      That’s fucked up what your friend did, but man underscore, I guarantee you everyone here has had the same thing happen to them. It’s always shitty when organized people like you & I take the time to get all our ducks in a row, only for Murphy’s Law to strike right when it hurts the most. It’s fucking bullshit, but I’ve come to expect it from this life. You gotta remember that nothing is promised to anybody. A fact that’s inherently a bummer. It’s a burden we all shoulder. Sometimes, yes, we feel it’d be easier to just collapse UNDER THE PRESSURE. It can be tempting, but there is literally no reward for succumbing to it.

      Don’t let the downvotes fool you. There are dozens of people here that care about you. I know I wouldn’t let a dumbass ex-girlfriend stop me from hanging with a friend. Hell, I’ve dumped girls because they didn’t want me hanging out with my friends. We’re a rare breed though, not everyone operates the same.

      I mean, my life isn’t any more grand. I’ve been drinking whiskey and playing Hearthstone for the past 5 hours listening to music. Sure, it’s not the coolest thing in the world, but it’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WAY WAY WAY WAY WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than being dead.

      Much <3 _

      • Thanks Raptor. In a weird way, my virtual friends have somehow become more comforting than my IRL ones these days.

        I just needed a place to vent, and this seemed as good as a throwaway to do it without those involved in this crappy situation actually reading it and sending me yet another text apologizing. I try not to comment on here anymore because I get yelled at regardless, but tonight is just one of those nights where the words needed to go somewhere.

        • For what it’s worth, I just spent my Friday night making a magazine cut-out collage while eating microwave pizza and listening to Clams Casino. It’s amazing the sort of trivial things I can do as long as I have good music to carry me through it.

          I also find writing to be a good outlet whenever I’m feeling down, and you’re good at writing, so maybe it would help to just write some poems or journal entries or something. I mean, your music writing on your blog is already something you should be proud of, and something that brings enjoyment to other people, such as myself.

          Anyway, I hope you feel better. Not sure if my comment here helps, and I usually don’t know what to say to cheer people up, but I figured I’d at least chime in.

        • I told the people at Red Eye cookie delivery tonight that the box of cookies I just bought was to help smooth things over with my girlfriend. I then went home while blasting the new Woods of Desolation and proceeded to eat all of the cookies while watching the english dub of Hetalia: Axis Powers and talking myself into buying a Welcome to Nightvale poster and bumper stickers. Also I don’t have a girlfriend.

          Still sucks what your friend did, but just know a lot of us have those dark night of the soul type nights and we all handle it differently. Some of us let it out online, others prefer to bury the loneliness under chocolate chip cookies, clever podcasts, and slightly racist caricatures of world powers.

        • Michael,

          Genuinely sorry about the crappy downturn. I absolutely hate it when I put massive effort into a “thing” coming together and watch it fall apart at the seams. Sucks ass through a flex straw.

          Chin up and all that rot,


      • Can we be Hearthstone friends? Would that be weird? Would you be willing to share your screen name? I’m more of a gin and hearthstone guy myself, and the highest I ever ranked was with a murloc deck. There, now you know the worst of it.

        Does anybody else have a Hearthstone habit they’re willing to cop to?

        And I agree, a girlfriend who doesn’t understand you have a previous commitment for the weekend isn’t worth the trouble. So what if he’d be distracted. A weekend away with a friend when you’re distracted by a problem can be a great way to clear your head and get perspective. And whose to say the girlfriend wouldn’t understand he had a commitment? Maybe the guy’s spineless desire to please her at any cost isn’t doing it for her.

        • I had to look up what “Heartstone” was in order to understand it, so I guess that counts me out hah.

          Everything you say about people’s relationship-in-the-context-of-their-friendships assessment is true. I know one large reason I was even invited out to visit in the first place was because my friend wasn’t preoccupied by having a girlfriend (who is an extreme introvert with an early bed time that made for my last visit a few years ago kind of a drag,) so with this news, it’s just like, “Here we go again… Might as well not plan on visiting until something socially bad happens in my friends’ lives again.”

          What’s a person to do, though. You don’t want to get in the way of their happiness. Irony is how it negatively effects mine and my plans.

          • It’s funny, I’m 30, been married for about a year and a half, and have been living with my wife for 4 years. I think about how my relationships with my friends have changed all the time. People I used to see damn near every day I now only see a few times a year. I thinks that’s kind of just what happens though. I can say I would definitely be reluctant to invite a friend to stay for the weekend or even for the night. Even just hanging out with the wife and a friend is something I try not to over do. At some point one of the two of them will feel like the odd man out, even if it’s just for a little bit. She is really cool with all of my friends but how long does she really want to listen to us talk about whatever dumb shit we are talking about right?

            That being said, your friend cancelling a prior commitment for this broad is wack as fuck.

        • @frog oracle Well Met! Add Krahn#1136 to be my Hearthstone friend. Fucken murlocs. You would. Put your faith in the light!

    • Obviously don’t kill yourself.

      But also, maybe do something else? Go out alone somewhere and strike up a conversation? Join a club this weekend and actually go? It sounds like you’re wallowing. Wallowing begets more sadness, and sadness begets more wallowing. It’s a negative cycle that can consume you if you let it – and the thing is, you’re the only person who can start moving it in the opposite direction. Everyone else is dealing with their own stuff. The commenters on here mean well, but they’re also playing into your self-pity. Just get up, get out and look ahead. Quit feeling bad for yourself and do something.

      Also, don’t hold the GF thing against your ‘best friend.’ It’s maybe kind of a selfish thing to do, but as his friend you should understand that it probably means a lot to him to give it another go.

      • I don’t want to just “do something else” because I can’t do anything else. There’s no where to go out alone and just strike up conversations with strangers because I live in a boring suburban sprawl where the only options are sporty townie bars filled with local losers and bro-ish creeps who prove that misogyny is alive and well. There are no clubs to join (I’ve looked into and the results are dire at best.) This has been the depressing pattern of my every weekend for far too long. I’m so sick of hearing based-on-assumption-easier-said-than-done worthless fuck-all advice from people like you as if you have the slightest clue what you’re talking about as that the problem is that easily fixable.

        As my best friend, maybe he should understand that I have been bogged down by boredom to an unhealthy level that this weekend would have helped, and for once in his life, he could grow a pair, tell his witch of an ex that it would have to wait until Monday and have the great weekend he promised that we would.

        Our generation has a courtesy problem. It’s this internet age of communication where they suffer from an intense fear of missing out and potentially regretting missed opportunities, so they haphazardly put their selfish needs before anything else, wrecking others’ plans in the process at the very last second, and just assume they can repair the damage on their time at a later point. FOMO to the extreme, because YOLO.

        • Sorry man – I’m really not trying to make assumptions or diminish the way you feel. I come from a suburban area, and there’s always something else to do or someone else to talk to. Drive to a different town if there’s nothing to do there. You’re saying “I can’t do anything else” as if it’s an absolute impossibility that there are other things and people out there. It’s self-defeating and ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. You’re holding your friend accountable for your happiness, and it’s not really his responsibility. We’re all pretty selfish when it comes down to it, and maybe he just wanted to get laid. Does that make it right? No. But still, it’s what happened.

          I know it’s a hard position to be in and I’m sorry that you feel alone. All I’m saying is, your friend did what he did, your generation is what it is, and you’re still responsible for yourself.

        • This is a response to your latest – you saying that I’m instigating a “blame the victim” position automatically tells me that you consider yourself a “victim.” That’s a problematic perspective if you ask me. I’m not saying not to expect better from people, or not to hold them accountable. I’m saying to accept the circumstances out of your control and do the things you can for yourself to be in a better position.

          I had a point in my teens when my ENTIRE group of friends cut me off – as in they all decided together to stop answering my calls, stop inviting me out, etc. It was shitty and felt like shit and, obviously, they weren’t there to make me feel better because they were the problem. I wallowed for a little bit, and then I went out and made new friends. I also spent a lot of time trying to understand what it was about me that made them want to cut me off, and eventually I came to a few realizations about myself that weren’t good. Would it have been better if they just told me what was wrong so I could fix it? Sure, but they didn’t, and it was my own responsibility to make changes and get back out there.

          To be fair, I know I’m not the most empathetic person, but I do honestly mean well.

          • That’s not what I’m saying at all. I don’t care what you’re ‘like’ on these boards and I don’t assume anything about what you’re like in your every day life. I generally don’t even read what you write around here because I don’t care that much about your opinion, and I’m not dumb enough to think your friend called it off because he read your comments. Give me a break. My point was more about dealing with shitty circumstances by recognizing what you can and can’t control and acting accordingly, and taking some sort of responsibility for where and who you are without the self-pity.

          • Hey man, I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was coming at you. I know that’s what you mean and that sort of technically accurate / harsh self-accountability advice may be true, buuuuuuuuuut sometimes that sort of advice means nothing when someone has had their feelings hurt. I mean, you don’t go up to a girl who just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her and tell her, “Hey, you can sit around all day and cry, but the truth is you’re responsible for yourself and you can choose to go out and meet a new guy.” Sometimes the girl needs a weekend to be miserable to get it out of her system, and this weekend, I was that girl.

    • My aunt shot herself in the neck with a shotgun four years ago. Fuck off with your pity party bullshit already. It’s sickening.

      • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

        • Not sure if its fool proof enough for someone as dumb as you. Your attentions seeking nonsense disgusts me. Clearly the other people responding to you aren’t aware how many times you’ve posted some lengthy, “woe is me” sad story followed by your announcement that you’re going to kill yourself. Fuck off already. This is so low and so foul as to be unforgivable. Its the very reason why I usually ignore your inane ramblings. I have nothing else to say, you just disgust me.

  3. The Song of Summer Debacle of 2014.

    What a surreal experience it must be running a site like Stereogum, building it up from an amateur indie rock site to the Second Biggest Brand in internet music journalism. With, I don’t know, staff and shareholders and an annual report? And, crucially, with a loyal slice of a key demographic, media-consuming 18-35 year old white males with disposable incomes. A passion project that created a community – P4k with a comments section, how’s that for a USP? – and with it commercial viability.

    But then moments like this (and others encouraging us to #BreakFree, or demanding that we log in using facebook to continue participating) that are so inexplicably tone-deaf. For us as a community (including lurkers like me) it is just so baffling. I appreciate that Scott engages honestly about each of these things, and that these ‘What Were They Thinking’ moments may seem small, but as Blochead summed it up nicely in the comments to Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2014: “Here’s one squirt of piss in your beer. What’s the big deal?”

    Re: the Song of the Summer. I listen to a reasonably large amount of music drawn almost exclusively from the core subject matter of SG. My upvote had been to War On Drugs – which is 1000% my album of summer. Did not appear. On the list of SotS nominees, I’d only ever heard Fancy! I saw it on that Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle. I was even required to vote for it (or perhaps a random alternative?) to access the comments. A million miles from what I was expecting.

    All this backlash and these demands for integrity (or in this case, commonsense and competency and general consistency with your brand) must be surreal to the editors. I imagine it’s like how politicians set out to build and improve their communities and end up dominated and gradually corrupted by the realities of gaining and using meaningful power, and then resenting the moral naivety of their demanding constituents.

  4. I think this whole Song of the Summer fiasco/debacle is all just a misunderstanding. It seems as though it was intended as an objective question- which of these pop hits will be the biggest, most inescapable tune on radio this summer? Which one will be remembered as a “definitive 2014 tune”?

    This is tricky to decide because as of right now, none have taken off despite the music industry’s flailing attempts to hammer them into our collective consciousness (which doesn’t really work anymore– see Skyler Grey, Cody Simpson).

    It was also tricky because a lot of people were approaching the question subjectively, offering songs that were of genuine quality and they personally enjoyed. Unfortunately songs do not get played on the radio because they are good. Good songs DO get played on the radio, but not because they’re good, only because of buzz/marketing/other motives.

    This all led to a butting of heads, because people were throwing out big “indie” songs when the poll was asking for pop hits.

    • I think people are overthinking this a little, trying to define “song of the summer,” when really it’s pretty simple. A subset of people come to this site, because they want to read about certain kinds of music and not others. Lately Stereogum has been asking them to read about pop music quite a bit. This subset of people doesn’t want to even be thinking about what’s on the radio. To them “Red Eyes,” or whatever, really is the song of the summer, because that’s what’s on their stereo.

      I can say over and over, “Stereogum, I wish you’d stop spending resources covering pop music,” but I get that they have other interests to consider. A lot of people probably like the pop coverage. So it is what it is. I’ll keep reading if the comments stay fresh.

      • Dear Stereogum,

        We, your readers obviously come here for your fantastic metal coverage, and to keep up with the world of pop music. Why do you keep posting this Indie Crap? If that stuff were any good it would be on the radio.


  5. Are we gonna get a Cruel Summer 2014 edition?

    • Maybe — it used to be an MP3 mix, but since bands don’t give out MP3s anymore, last year we did one MP3 mix and a completely different Spotify remix, which I think lessens the impact.

  6. Are we really just going to ignore the fact that my first comment in months resulted in my first top comment ever?

    Also, anyone else who hasn’t listened to Phish in years find themselves listening to Fuego all week? I know I can’t be the only one.

    • I’ve actually been listening to Phish constantly for years and I’m digging a lot of the tracks on Fuego. Especially Sing Monica, 555, Halfway to the Moon, and the title track. Really excited to hear what they can do with them live this summer.

      • Not the biggest fan of Sing Monica, along with Wombat which might be the worst song ever written. Right with you on everything else along with every other track on the album.

        • I think Sing Monica is their best attempt at some real straight forward Beatles-esqe (that hurt to type) songwriting to date. And, yeah I feel you on Wombat. I think it’s harmless goofy fun that could be fun live (especially flowing out of an extended Tube jam, amiright?) but it falls so flat in the studio. I would have loved to hear Bob Ezrin’s take on Steam instead.

    • It’s been years since I’ve actually put on a studio album, but if a gummer says this one’s worth a spin, I’ll give it a go. I usually catch them for a several-night run every summer but it looks like I might have to wait till fall for them to give the west coast some love this year.

      You guys have a favorite show of theirs? Favorite you went to? Favorite ever?

      • I’m fortunate enough to be catching four shows during summer tour. Couldn’t be more excited! As far as favorite shows go heavyweights like NYE 95 and 11/22/97 never disappoint and I absolutely love the super ambient Japan shows in 2000. Favorite I went to is a toss up between 12/3012 and 10/18/13 which both feature extended type II Carini’s that are staggeringly different in mood and tone. That song has become a monster jam vehicle. Can’t wait to see what they do with it this year.

  7. I suppose I understand why everyone was/is upset, but man is it sad that we as a community flipped our shit because one of our annual online poles didn’t fit our expectations.

    I see how there was a misunderstanding, but damn, it’s not like it will have any effect on the music we listen to. And there’s no good summer jams this year anyways, so let’s all just blast “Move That Dope” and enjoy the weather.

  8. We gave the editor in chief got the lowest-rated comment this week. We can make anything happen. I vote the first order of business to be curing Alzheimer’s. It’s literally the worst way to die.

  9. So far this summer, I’ve been listening to a lot of White Lung, Fucked Up, Fear of Men, and Tiger’s Jaw. If I had to pick a ‘song of the summer’ it would be “Sun Glass”.

    As far as inescapable pop radio hits go, I guess I give the edge to “Fancy” because “Turn Down for What” is less of a song than a catchphrase with a bass drop attached.

  10. Fellow Stereogum readers: you guys get that the whole narrative thrust of “High Fidelity” was for the characters to grow up and focus on doing something meaningful, right? All the fighting about pop music is not something you’re supposed to aspire to.

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