Erykah Badu Interrupts Live News Broadcast, Tries to Kiss Anchor

On Thursday night, Shia LaBeouf was dragged out of a performance of Cabaret and arrested for “being disruptive” and smoking inside the theater. He was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and two counts of disorderly conduct. As Pitchfork points out, during a news broadcast for NY’s PIX 11 on Friday that covered the arrest, Erykah Badu appeared in the background and then tried to lean in and kiss news reporter Mario Diaz. At first, Badu denied that it was her but then tweeted yesterday at the reporter “sorry Mario. :-)))).” Watch the truly bizarre video and read some Twitter exchanges between the singer and Diaz below.

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  1. This is one of the greatest things I’ve seen this year. I think her casually strolling through the frame is my favorite. And I’d absolutely take her hat in a fight against Pharrell’s. That is if hats could fight.

  2. ‘This is Completely Fucked Up! Kissing someone without permission is sexual assault. period. ‘

    • Nailed it. If a guy does something like this it’s sexual assault. If it’s a woman she’s “wacky” or a “free spirit”
      May be Cerebrus IS on to something here…….

  3. The hat is everything.

  4. Double standard much…

    • I couldn’t believe that this was the same post author, the one who tried to convince me that kissing someone on the cheek without permission is always “completely fucked up”.

      • It is in pretty poor taste that he didn’t at least acknowledge this point here, especially after his aggressive responses in the earlier thread.

  5. I wish she yelled “Bababooey!”

  6. My work has already been done here. Thanks y’all! Really glad to see that some people understand I’m not being a woman hating misogynist when I point these things out.

    • I gotta tell ya’….Sometimes it’s really hard to read between the lines and figure out that you are not being a misogynist prick. And I typically read your posts pretty carefully (and am filtering it through a “giving you the benefit of the doubt”). So I can see how people that haven’t read some of our posts might get a radically incorrect idea of what you are saying.

      That being said your posts are one of only about 10 folks on here I read on a pretty consistent basis. Sometimes harsh and abrasive but rarely BS and rarely boring.

  7. Girl still crazy!!!!

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