Wish I Was Here

We recently heard the new Shins song recorded for Zach Braff’s Garden State follow-up Wish I Was Here. Now comes Justin Vernon’s contribution, which arrives in the increasingly rare form of a new Bon Iver song. It’s called “Heavenly Father,” and it finds Vernon in his lower-register mode getting fiery over eerie looped synth notes that sound like a robot gospel choir. This song very much makes me desire a third Bon Iver album. Hear it below.

(via NPR)

Here are the lyrics:

ever since i heard the howling wind
i didn’t need to go where a bible went
but then you know your gifts seemed heaven sent
just lead me to a choler, dad, thats the thing

i don’t know how you house the sin
but you’re free now
i was never sure how much of you i could let in
am i free now
won’t you settle down baby here your love has been
heavenly father
it’s defiantly lava
why you don’t carry other names

heard about a day where it dropped the Know
to go another day as we learn to close

cause I’m a known coward in a coward wind
but you’re free now
you turn around now and you count to 10
to see you go now
well i know now honey that i can’t pretend
heavenly father
is whose brought to his autumn
and love is left in end

i just been up here for god damn years
can you see now?
filling up hulls with god damn fears
i am free now
i know about it darling i been standing here
heavenly father
is all that he offers
a safety in the end

The Wish I Was Here soundtrack is out 7/15 via Columbia. See the full tracklist here.

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  1. Digging the song a lot. Reminds me more of a Volcano Choir song from their Unmap days, but any new Vernon is cool with me. And if this means we may be getting a new Bon Iver record, I will be even more ecstatic.

    • As recently as late 2013 Vernon had stated publicly that he didn’t know if there would ever be another Bon Iver record. Something about it not being the kind of writing he was doing now. I don’t know if this song means he’s changed his mind and is ready to go back to that place, or if the producers of the soundtrack just paid him enough money to use the Bon Iver name recognition. Something tells me it’s probably the latter, but I hope its the former.

      • Their official facebook page says: ‘Thrilled to premier our new song’, from which I’m getting that the rest of the band made it too, possibly meaning there could be a new album in some closer future?

  2. I don’t know. It sounds kinda soulless to me, but my difficulties to connect with synth music are well documented, so I’ll leave this one to you guys.

  3. Love the song, honestly. And I too wish there was more of them, like, right now. But this could just as easily have been labeled a Justin Vernon song and nobody would have questioned it.

    Not to pick nits or anything, but he’s not singing in his lower register. He’s singing in his normal voice (meaning he actually has a lower register that he sometimes uses) and there’s quite a bit of falsetto tucked in there as well.

  4. It appears as though Mistah Braff is in a competition with himself for having Indiest Soundtrack to A Film Indier Than Garden State. And, admittedly, I did love Garden State’s soundtrack, I don’t know if I can handle another competition between the World Cup, Wimbledon, and MLB, Dr. Dorian.

  5. Also, the loop in the song is fucking maddening, like gnat that gets in your sweaty ear while you’re running.

  6. I was excited for this and that excitement grew in the first few seconds…and then it sucked. Boring.

  7. Too bad Zach Braff sucks.

  8. The record is skipping….new thread needed?

  9. Fucking excellent.

    How he keeps doing it, I’ll never figure out, the guy is a genius.

    I saw the last concert in Dublin and it was magical. I didn’t know until the next day that is was gonna be the last one… here’s hoping he’s touring soon.

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