Watch Eddie Vedder Drink From A Fan's Shoe

Pearl Jam concerts can be strange and unpredictable. Eddie Vedder might cover a song from Frozen, he might shave a fan’s head onstage — or he might drink wine from a fan’s shoe, apparently, as several thousand people discovered at Pearl Jam’s show in Stockholm on Saturday night. Reportedly, a girl in the audience asked Vedder to sign her shoe and threw her Converses onstage. After a bit of joking around, Vedder ended up signing the shoe and giving it back to her along with a bottle of wine, which she promptly finished. Vedder then declared, “OK, I’m gonna do you one better. I trust you,” opened another bottle of wine, poured it into the other shoe, and went to town on it. You can watch some fan footage of the bizarre event below.

As Youtube commenter Dustin Mirra proclaims, “It doesn’t get eddie vedder than this.”

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  1. Well that’s, uhh, yeah. :/ Whatever, so long as they keep busting out “never played befores” I don’t really care what Eddie drinks (from).

  2. pearl jam, meet toe jam

  3. I’m kind of creeped out, because this is how most of my Pearl Jam fan faction pieces end.

  4. I’d rather pee in my mouth like they do in Australia. OWWWOOOOOOOO!

  5. That’s def ’92 eddie flashback. Somewhere there’s a video of him drinking human bile with the Jim Rose Circus. He’s clearly had practice

  6. How sanitary is that?

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