They Want My Soul

We’ve already heard “Rent I Pay” and live versions of two other songs, but the first official single from Spoon’s They Want My Soul is “Do You.” In contrast with the swaggering, stomping “Rent I Pay,” this is a breezy, wistful bit of pop-rock that wrings maximum emotional effect out of major-seventh chords and treats the human voice as a malleable instrument. The band premiered “Do You” on SiriusXMU yesterday, and now it’s available for purchase on iTunes, or you can stream it below.

They Want My Soul is out 8/5 on Loma Vista. Pre-order it here.

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  1. I love it. I love it in an immediate way that didn’t apply to “Rent I Pay” (though I love that now). This is like “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” insta-love.

  2. Another great song from a great band that will probably be on a great album.

  3. Somebody tell Wolf Parade to get their act together now.

      • Haha who would’ve thought that the people who still care about Wolf Parade in 2014 are bitter and humorless… just admit that “Apologies” was a fluke and Wolf Parade has been an embarrassment of nearly Clap Your Hands Say Yeah proportions. No need to compare Spoon, the best and most consistent indie rock act of the last decade, to those schlubs.

        • son… At Mount Zoomer is the best WP album and Spoon’s last album was kind of a snoozer.

          • Yeah right dude, “Transference” has at least 4 classic Spoon songs, got pretty much all great reviews, sure it’s a grower but it’s also pretty easily the weakest thing they’ve put out since they’ve been on Merge. If you even made it to the end of Mt. Snoozer once you might be the only person whose not a member of Wolf Parade to do so.


            “Especially coming four years after Transference, a ho-hum record that broke their streak of excellent albums during the 2000s”

            AW YISS

          • 1. Real music fans care as much about the Dickfork hype Olympics as they do about the VMAs. Spoon has gone through the buzz-bust-return-to-form cycle a few times already and no one who isn’t on the payroll for some incestuous marketing rag or another actually gives a shit.

            2. Do you understand what the word “consistent” means? It doesn’t mean every album is perfect, it means the bands’ body of work as a whole never falls below a certain threshold of quality. If “Transference” is the “bad” (aka good but not great) Spoon album that’s not too fucking shabby. I think the album still got the “universal acclaim” sticker at Metacritic (which might be flawed because omfg opinions beyond Pitchfork count), “Got Nuffin” got some radio play, the album sold well, and I know I’m not the only longtime fan who appreciated Spoon folding some darker and more emotionally conflicted material into their catalog. And you can’t really make the argument that “Transference” was the beginning of some decline because here is Spoon, rocking like they never missed a beat.

          • if you’re bringing p4k into to this discussion… they gave the album a 7.8, which is .4-.6 away from the BNM tag haha

  4. full-on thin lizzy mode again. Sweet.

  5. to me this is easily the best new release of today albums included

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  7. I prefer all the other They Want My Soul tracks and snippets that I’ve heard.

  8. Mmm, love to hear they’re going back to a bit of that swirly psych pop Kill the Moonlight sound. Can’t wait for this album.

  9. Stephen M. Deusner of P4k should be punched in the face for calling Transference “ho-hum”. I know it’s a divisive album but to infer that it was phoned-in, bland and rote is just beyond insulting.

  10. Now THAT sounds like my song of the summer.

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