Lana Del Rey - "Shades Of Cool" video director's cut

We’ve already posted Lana Del Rey’s sumptuous video for her Ultraviolence single “Shades Of Cool,” in which LDR appears to play the girlfriend of a menacing gangster figure. But the version that first made it to the internet is apparently not the one that Del Rey and director Jake Nava originally wanted us to see. There’s also a “director’s cut” of the video, and while most of it is identical to the final product, there’s a scene toward the end where LDR floats to the bottom of a swimming pool, possibly drowning, and there’s a quick shot of a stabbing in there, too. Idolator speculates that the video may have been changed at the last minute because of controversy over LDR’s “I wish I was dead already” comment in an interview with The Guardian. Whatever the case, you can watch the “Shades Of Cool” director’s cut here.

Ultraviolence is out now on Interscope, and it is good.

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  1. I’m so conflicted on LDR. On one hand, if she is genuinely suffering from depression, I can tell you that imagining your own death is one way of coping. Knowing that there is at least one thing in the world you have control over when everything else feels out of your hands can be oddly comforting.

    On the other hand, if this is just her fostering her persona, I gotta side with Frances Bean, and that romanticizing it is totally gross.

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