Smells Like Teen Spirit

The “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video provided the definitive image of Nirvana and the ’90s alt-rock boom at large. It’s one of the most iconic music videos ever made, casting Nirvana as the entertainment at a high school pep rally populated with anarchist cheerleaders and a janitor prone to mop-dancing. Now All That Is Interesting (via CoS) has shed some light on how it was made. Below, find director Samuel Bayer’s casting call for the video, which summons fans ages 18-25 to Stage 6 at GMT Studios in Culver City, California on 8/17/91. They’re instructed to adopt a high-school “personna” (sic) and be ready to stay for several hours. Reading this unexpected artifact is a lot more fun than being an extra, and it requires a lot less patience.

And of course you’ll want to watch the video again now:

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  1. Still gives me shivers and pumps me up. #RIPKURT

  2. I think this song–in addition to its overall greatness–has the best intro of all time.

  3. yea, this is pretty old.

  4. I think it’s interesting how the flyer says “No name brand clothing” and the video opens with a Chuck Taylor All-Star clearly visible in the 1st frame.

  5. Kurt loved Latka , the character on the TV show ‘Taxi ‘ played by the comedian Andy Kaufman. I came across an old vid on Youtube of a 1977 Midnight Special appearance by Kaufman where he sings a song called ‘ I Trusted You ‘. The opening riffs of that song are eerily and strikingly like ‘ Teen Spirit ‘! This was @ 15 yrs before TS. and the video would have been replayed during Kurt’s teen yrs etc. I’d love to think there was a connection here with Kurt’s epic song….the humour and the angst…things both Andy K. and Kurt had in common…as well as their genius of course. Am I right? You can find the song on Youtube under Andy Kaufman..’I Trusted You’ I know about all the other influences, Boston, Pixies etc,Sex Pistols (Nevermind)…the bollox and so ima HUGE kurt fan.

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