Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In The End

Weezer? More like Teezer amirite? No, I’m wrong, that was awful and I’m sorry. But the Weez have been teasing the hell out of their upcoming Ric Ocasek-produced LP, Everything Will Be Alright In The End. Today, they’ve released yet another short video with a little bit of music and some random imagery, but this one reveals the new album’s artwork, which is pretty cool! Although when the sleeve-art bar you’re clearing is Hurley … well, you don’t have to jump too high. That’s it above, what do you think? Watch the full vid below.

When will Everything Will Be Alright In The End be released? That news will surely emerge via video transmission within the next three weeks.

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  1. this artwork is too good for a weezer record

  2. oh god thats atrocious

    • What a shame. I guess they had to commission a new painting to avoid any potential copyright issues if the original thrift store painter suddenly came out of the woodwork, but the original version is so much crisper and generally better-looking than the Weezer version.

  3. Where the Wild Things Are?

    Either way, Weezer’s consistency (or lack thereof) confuses me. I can’t tell if I’m just attached to the memories of the Blue and Green Albums in high school, or if they’re genuinely just unchanging for the most part. Or if they’re like living on life support and the cord needs to be snipped.

  4. aside from the album art, the song sounds pretty rad!

  5. yeah i cant even lie, that artwork is pretty fucking awesome

  6. Is it too much to ask for the music to be half as good as that cover? Probably, but I can dream… for now, at least.

  7. I’m stoked about this album. Weezer have put out good albums since blue and pinkerton. I think the expectation should be for an album to be it’s own piece of art. So many times people treat music like sports always looking for which one is the best. Just be thankful that they are still making music and look at it with an open mind.

  8. That monster thing looks like something from The Oatmeal to me. I don’t know. Still pretty excited for this album, though…hope it’s not a huge letdown.

  9. From that brief bit of song in the video, I think it sounds somewhat promising. And I dig the album cover!! I hadn’t heard about Chris McMahon’s paintings until now. I love The Thing By The Boats painting.

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