The Wrens at Abbey Road

Depressive New Jersey indie heroes the Wrens have been working on the follow-up to The Meadowlands, their much-loved 2003 album, for a very long time. (That photo above? That’s them recording at Abbey Road. Five years ago.) Lately, the members of the band have been claiming that the new album is nearing completion (while cautioning that it’s no Meadowlands). And while they still haven’t let us hear anything that will be on the album, they’re at least sharing some music that won’t be on it. On their Facebook last night, the band shared a minute-long song-snippet that ended up on the “virtual cutting-room floor.” Listen to it at Soundcloud, and read some words from the band below.

Here’s what they wrote:

sometimes you work & you work and you still throw it away ’cause it doesn’t fit. This is one of the more recent cutting-room-floor bits, freshly sliced only yesterday. Was originally verses, then verses w/ a diff. chord progression & melody serving as a Pre-Chorus w/ the 12-string picking all through, then dressed down to this v. w/ 12-strings & percussion only coming in at the end etc.etc.

Then, it drifts to the virtual floor, a discarded slice of 1′s & 0′s film…

We will, of course, let you know if and when we learn anything definitive about the album.

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  1. Meadowlands if by far my all time favorite piece of music. The level to which I cannot wait for this new one is ridiculous. I know it’s going to be a letdown as nothing can stand up to the last opus. But DAMN…I really, really want this thing released.

  2. Anyone know what their plans are for distribution? Are they still with Absolutely Kosher?

    I know it won’t be hard to sell an album like this (follow up albums to critical successes sell regardless of how good they are, honestly). But I would hate to see this thing languish on the shelf after finally being finished.

    • abkosh folded a few years ago

    • As said below Absolutely Kosher folded aways back. But I don’t think we have to worry about distribution. The Wrens have become such a huge cult thing at this point there’s no way somebody won’t get it out there.

  3. Just to give everyone some context, this new album has been in the works for so long that they originally wanted to title it Funeral. Before Funeral came out.

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