So here we are: After a contentious polling process and thousands of votes cast, the results are in! And your song of the summer is …

Yes, it’s “Seasons” by Future Islands! As titles go, it’s 75-percent less appropriate than “Summer” by Calvin Harris, but as songs go, it’s a deserving winner. Just this week, “Seasons” broke into the Top 40 at alternative radio, which is pretty impressive for a song that debuted in January and had its huge viral moment in March. But it’s a great song, and that’s what great songs do: stick with us, find new ears, transcend.

Here’s how the voting broke down: “Seasons” walked away with 30.1% of the total vote, crushing its closest competition, Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX’s “Fancy,” Chromeo’s “Jealous (I Ain’t With It),” and Royksopp & Robyn’s “Do It Again,” which came in a closely clustered 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, respectively, each garnering about 11% of the total vote. In dead last was Nico & Vinz’s “Am I Wrong,” which managed a Green Party-esque 1.36%. You can see all those results below. But before we get to all that … let’s dance!

Thanks for voting, guys. Have a happy 4th!

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  2. I’ll take all of that ya got!

  3. Could’ve sworn it was going to being Calvin Harris – Summer… OWWWOOOOOOOO!

  4. I love this song, but Washed Out’s “Feel It All Around” is the eternal summer jam. 2009 4 eva <3

  5. I’ll gladly accept Future Islands as Stereogum’s SOTS. Way to go everybody! Maybe vote Robyn a little more next time, but still, way to go!

  6. It’s the only truly alternative song among this list of dog crap so I guess in an weird way it’s the practical winner. Good song. Great Album. Horrible ‘song of the summer’ pick.

  7. but Riff Raff

  8. While I think it’s a really catchy and great song, it’s hardly TSOS. To me the song of summer is one that you can’t get away from no matter how much you try (and no matter how bad the song is). The only one on this list that meets those (my) requirements is Fancy…although I can’t stand the song.

    • See, and stereogum seems to agree with you on this, but I just can’t accept the idea that SOTS is based purely on it’s ubiquity. Why should we care about sots if it’s only about how often it’s played everywhere, no matter how bad it is, as you say? As someone suggested before, if that’s what it’s all about, then sots is an objective thing based on numbers therefore is pointless to vote on. I personally think it’s ridiculous to vote on the sots before the summer happens, but if we’re going to predict the sots, at least we should try to put some of our own tastes and preferences in it, you know a song that typifies the summer for us (stereogum commenters) and our listening preferences, something we can care about.

      • I’m not saying it’s right, but I’m just saying based on how Stereogum approached this, it should be the song which gets played so much it encapsulates the summer for the greatest majority of people.
        If it were a subjective thing, then few people would offer the same song since we all have different tastes, and likely a song that we play ad nauseam from June to Sept..

        Ultimately, I agree completely that it’s pointless to have a discussion regarding a song of summer until summer is over.

        • I’m just not sure why we’d even wanna vote to see what song’s going to be annoying the shit out of us all summer long. In general, I come here to talk and read about good things that I like, not for previews of the turds I’ll be subjected to by the poor-taste-having masses.

        • “it should be the song which gets played so much it encapsulates the summer for the greatest majority of people”

          I think the Stereogum song of the summer should reflect the music they report on and what their readership likes. The whole point of websites like Stereogum is to report on music that doesn’t get the majority of publicity and news and all that shit, indie music….. why should we make our song of the summer a ubiquitous yet annoying-as-fuck song? Zero logic there my friend.

  9. I still think it’s a crime that Miniature Tigers’ “Swimming Pool Blues” wasn’t part of this conversation. That’s my SOTS.

  10. That reggae-pop tune “Rude” about marrying the girl is blowing up pretty big. Has way more of a SOTS feel. Love the Future Islands but definitely not feeling it as song of the summer.

    • I’m surpised they didn’t even add it to the poll. I mean I think it’s pretty terrible, but they did remark that it has nothing to do with actual quality.

  11. My song of the summer is still going to be “Water Fountain.” The world is welcome to disagree. I’m still going to listen to it. Because America.

  12. When I hear Seasons in between innings at a MLB game, then it will officially be my SOTS. But for now, it’s the best choice.

  13. My song of the summer has to be “Doses and Mimosas” by Cherub. Tune Yards’ “Water Fountain” is a close second.

  14. I’ve been waking up every morning this summer to “Sun Glass” by Fucked Up. Starts the day off right!

  15. Is it just me, or should the SOTS summer pie chart be a bit more colorful? The color choice is a bit meh. Doesn’t really get me pumped for the SOTS. OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

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  17. The song I’m actually most surpised wasn’t even’t nominated on here is Kiesza’s Hideaway.
    I’m not the biggest fan, but I seem to be hearing it in a lot of places now.

    Of course, I do live in Canada.

  18. Song of the summer is clearly Don’t Tell Em by Jeremih and YG (and Mustard on the beat, hoe!)

  19. Where’s the guy who made his own poll? I thought he said he was gonna leave the results here! Where are you guy?!?!?!

  20. If this were my summer playlist, I would be depressed. Sorry, Stereogum.

  21. incredible green party reference

  22. Goddamn, did Chandelier really come 3rd-last? I love Seasons to death, but come on…

  23. this song is only okay.

  24. Hey everyone! It’s here – your Reader Nominated Song of the Summer: Steal My Sunsine by Len!

    Just kidding, although a surprising amount of you voted for it. Your real Reader Nominated Song of the Summer is: Red Eyes by The War on Drugs

    Here’s how the voting broke down among the top 5:

    Red Eyes – 42
    Can’t Do Without You – 37
    Talking Backwards – 36
    Seasons (Waiting On You) – 35
    Let Her Go – 30

    Unfortunately, I’m unable to post any of the statistics or pie charts. This is because (what I assume to be) a single Stereogum user compromised the poll by voting over 50 times for the same song: Red Eyes.

    Seriously, what the hell dude? Anyway, the results I posted here were the pre-spam-vote results, and I apologize to those who weren’t able to vote before that point in time. (If you want a more detailed explanation on how this happened, check the comments of the most recent Best Comments of the Week post.)

  25. What a shallow victory indeed.

  26. I don’t know about picking a single song, but Happyness’ debut “Weird Little Birthday” is my album of the summer. Perfect summertime driving music, like Wilco, Broken Social Scene and Pavement all wrapped up into one.

    So let’s do this people – what’s your album of the summer?

  27. blah, this band is so terrible. just why? all of the music this blog covers has just gotten so boring over the past few years. Not a melody you could hum anywhere in sight.

  28. Sorry for being incredibly late to the party everyone but I’ve found the song.
    Unfortunately you’re all gravely mistaken and seem to have missed the mark considerably.
    This is the song that defines 2014 summer, well for me at least.
    Future Islands?! Pssssh, don’t make me laugh, it’s a good song and all but it’s a pale comparison to summer the vibes of a tune like this. In fact it makes it seem like bloody winter.

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