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Working within the theme implied by the title of his new album Lazaretto (which is a term for leper colonies), Jack White played an elaborate secret show in London last night that sounds similar to a performance of Sleep No More — oh wait, that’s because White actually got the theater company behind Sleep No More, Punchdrunk, to work with him on this show! The event is covered in detail in Laura Barton’s Guardian story, and she describes an elaborate setup involving a fake medical website and interactive story involving a creepy hospital, a supposed disease outbreak, shots of whiskey served as “medicine” to the attending “patients,” all culminating in a fierce performance by White. The infected rocker was even carried away by stretcher at the end. It’s a hell of a lot of effort to put forth for one show (which probably can’t be replicated due to the necessary element of surprise), but that just goes to show that despite whatever bullshit White may be publicly dealing with, the guy has an almost Orson Welles-level sense of presentation.

Lazaretto is out now via Third Man.

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  1. Am I the only that really misses Jack White shows that involved watching a true Guitar God just flat kick ass.
    And not needing much more than that to blow minds?

    • I thought he did that at Bonnaroo? I downloaded the video posted on reddit and it looked like he was in Guitar God mode throughout.

      • I will def. have to check that out. Cuz when Jack is just being Jack on stage without the shtick I love him.
        The schtick wears thin fast for me…….

        Side note….Don’t mean to feel like I’m stalking you today, RJ. LOL

        • Yeah, I saw him at Gov Ball and he had the Guitar God dial cranked pretty high up. I think he might be saving the outlandish for small shows like this nowadays

        • Jack has had a schtick since day one. Dressing up all in red, painting his amps and pedals red (or covering them in copper for The Raconteurs), calling Meg his sister… He almost always manages to balance it with a handful of kick ass tunes.

  2. He’s a man devoted to all aspects of his art. I think it’s great. It’s his style that sets him apart from a million other bands that have been playing that style of raw, punk-inspired blues over the past 30 years. The red and white theme, telling everyone that he and Meg were brother and sister even though they were married… it’s all good in my book.

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