Death From Above 1979 - "Trainwreck 1979"

Last month, the reunited Death From Above 1979 announced that they’d be releasing another album. DFA1979 only ever released one proper studio album, 2004′s You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine, so the news that they’d drop the new The Physical World this year was big indeed, even if the band didn’t seem all that amped about it. And give them some credit: They didn’t let that ambivalence show through in the album. Zane Lowe just debuted “Trainwreck 1979,” the album’s first single, on his BBC Radio show, and it’s a pounding and energetic song, spirited and rhythmically locked-in, with just a hint of dance music in its riffery. Listen.

The Physical World is due in September.

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  1. 1 hr and 53 min mark

  2. 1 hour and 53 minute*

  3. Yes and yes, thanks.


  5. Damn I hope the rest of the album sounds like this. Way better than I was expecting.

  6. Song of the Summer 2014!!

  7. This is them trying to get us “off their backs?” It’s like they failed at being disappointing.

  8. I really did enjoy this, but… and I hesitate to suggest it, but I just hope they don’t stray into Danger Mouse territory.

  9. “We’re almost out of time, so we’re going to play that again.”

    Well played Zane Lowe.

  10. This rules. Annoyed they haven’t made more music.
    Thanks for the BOMB TITTIES new track, assholes.

    The classic add keyboards second album advance – well played. And appropriate.


  11. yeah this rules

  12. I loved it, they just uploaded it to Spotify.

  13. I can get into this track. It didn’t blow me away, but I think it’s pretty solid. I’m looking forward to see what they pull together for the full album.

  14. I really hate how much I fucking hate this track.

  15. I’m not sure where exactly I wanted them to go with this, but I still think it’s not quite there. Seems a bit safe but I’m definitely not writing off this comeback yet.

  16. It’s everything I hoped it would be

  17. I never understand why someone with as bad a musical taste as Zane Lowe gets to premiere so many great songs.

  18. I dig the video, but the song is a little generic, despite the promising start. It’s a little too polished. Sounds a lot like Band Of Skulls, which isn’t a bad thing, but it just isn’t DFA, which should be a little meaner and dirtier.

    Sounds like a future car commercial during the chorus.

  19. the song is awesome. i think the “talking down” the album bit is just grainger being defensive. a reunion record ten years later carries a lot of baggage. he knows this. if people shit all over the new album, he can say, “i told you so.” if people love it, he wins. he’s just covering his bases.

  20. This porridge is too cold. That Yoko porridge is too hot.

    Bad porridge on Stereogum today.

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