Yoko Ono @ Glastonbury Festival

At Glastonbury a week and a half ago, Yoko Ono played a set with Yo La Tengo backing her, a big event for fans of way-out music. Ono is 81 years old and still capable of slashing through any noise around her, and this is badass. And a video of Ono and Yo La Tengo performing a heavy-groove version on her 1969 Plastic Ono Band B-side “Don’t Worry Kyoko” has gone viral, gaining a million more hits than any of the BBC’s other Glasto videos. That should be good! Unfortunately, it’s gained that audience thanks to posts like this and this, and to the prevailing dumbshit idea that Ono is the talentless weirdo hack who broke up the Beatles. If you can watch the performance and think she was trying, and failing, to do something more conventional, I honestly don’t know about you. Watch the performance below, and maybe leave a nice YouTube comment to offset some of the blood-boilingly terrible ones.

Honestly, that version of the song is way more accessible than the one Ono originally put on record.

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  1. Even if she’s not a talentless weirdo who broke up the Beatles (which the posts you link to don’t even seem to claim), that performance was pretty bad.

  2. Yoko is awesome. YLT is awesome. This song ruled. And some people are dumb…it’s sad really.

  3. People are mean as shit…. People have different musical tastes, I can’t believe anyone can like Kanye West but they still do. Stop attacking this woman and her fans. Fuck off. Thumbs up for this performance!

  4. Conventional or not, this is hilariously bad in every conceivable way, and is getting rightfully panned. Nice try though.

  5. That frightened my cats. Literally. As in, they looked worried, their pupils opened up and they ran across the room and up the stairs. That said, any 81-year-old who wants to do what she did is fine with me. But holy mother of God, is that awful to hear.

  6. Does people know about the FLUXUS movement that she was a part of? They changed avantgarde classical music to be about everything that you present as music… they did it by doing intentionally bad and non-musical shows (like cutting lettuce and giving it to people… calling that a show). Yoko was a part of this, and it’s one of the most important movements of the last century, but she comes from a highbrow musical society. She’s avantgarde. She’s not supposed to make music that 99 % like – she aims for the rest.

    With that in mind I think this sounds almost like a pop song!

    You go Yoko!

    • Kim Gordon has done wayy shittier versions of their songs an she gets away scot free, while yoko ono gets trashed? come on people

      for the record, i love kim gordon and the youth.

      agreed with you Rasmus….

    • It’s unfortunate, really, that Yoko married a pop musician, since it just meant that lots of Beatles fans whose idea of experimentation was a few funny noises bolted onto pop songs heard her stuff and formed rather obnoxious judgments about it.

      It’s sort of like if Diamanda Galas married Pitbull or something.

      • “a few funny noises bolted onto pop songs” ?? Tread carefully. Outside of John Cage no musical force in the sixties were as experimental and revolutionary. “Tomorrow Never Knows,” Strawberry Fields,” “Day in the Life,” “Revolution 9,” all shifted time and space when it came to “pop music.”

    • Jessica Eley  |   Posted on Jul 8th, 2014 -3

      Flux art is NOT art or music. Art requires some skill or craftsmanship to show the world in a new way and to make you think. Flux “art” is what you do if your locked in a garage, you’ve already smoked all the cigarettes and you can’t force yourself to play one more game of solitaire. This is clearly just YLT attempting to beef up there Wikipedia footnotes.

      • Almost all the sentences you’ve managed to type out are wrong. You have one sentence right though:

        “Art requires some skill or craftsmanship to show the world in a new way and to make you think.”

        Consider taking a class in art history and appreciation before degrading the entire fluxus movement in what you probably gave less than 5 minutes of your life to attempt to rationalize. And then maybe understand why it was a fundamentally incremental part of art.

    • If the movement she was part of was one of the most important movements of the last century, why is it necessary to ask if people know it?

      What’s the point of intentionally bad/non musical shows? That would be like watching a basketball game where the players intentionally suck, of paying tuition only to put random answers on tests.

      • This is why you need government support of music in the states! They made an extreme impact on classical music’s own selfimage – but that world was (and is) quite small. The thing is, before FLUXUS classical and avantgarde became extremely snobbish (Schöenberg would only play for other composers who were interested in composing in the same way) and very aware that what they did was sort of sacred and other lovely bullshit.

        What FLUXUS did was to invert everything that classical music had come to admire (i.e. extremely thought-trough and virtuos composition and performance). The FLUXUS performances aren’t that interesting to see this day, mainly because they’re often quite silly (Like open a window in the room – let a butterfly free… when the butterfly leaves the room, the performance is done – that’s actually a very Cage inspired score, because the thought is that you will be able to imagine the sound of the wings when that’s all there is in the room…) BUT what classical music was able to do AFTER FLUXUS is very very VERY important! The fact that you didn’t have to compose in a virtuoistic style removed all the restrictions that composers gradually had put upon themselves.

        And back to the government support – there weren’t that many people who did “get” FLUXUS at the time, but it was important – that’s the way a lot of art works these days, so you should have some experts that can guide government money towards important movements that might not pay off a lot in capitalistic values but will raise the country’s cultural stash a lot! (that’s what we do over here in silly communist Denmark – that’s also why my English is far from perfect!)

        Peace out! Yoko isn’t just anyone!

        • FLUXUS may or may no be an important movement. That’s well beyond my grasp. What’s not beyond my grasp is appreciating live performance. And this one is awful. I can honestly say I listened to this thing three times. And each time I was blown away at awful it is on any conceivable level. I didn’t go into it wanting to hate it…I just simply hated it. And I fear that many that say they love it decided they “love it” well before watching it because it’s Yoko. And she just flat out gets a pass from these kinds of people.

          Without honest critique an artist is being given a grave disservice. Honest communication between an artist and the rest of the universe is important. It’s always going to be an artists vision. But without somebody giving you honest feedback an artist can become rudderless. It’s an “emperor’s new clothes” or “Michael Jackson’s latest nose” scenario.

    • “One of the most important movement of the last century” – Rasmus, you’re so far up your own ass.

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  8. yoko influenced more of the music and art that i appreciate than john did. and i love the beatles.

  9. Yoko Ono’s single contribution to music was convincing John Lennon to grow a beard. If she does possess any talent, it’s for litigating herself INTO the Beatles in Lennon’s absence. In lieu of all that, and even if the Beatles never broke up and Lennon was still with us, there’s no earthly way a fan of melody or lyrics could have any respect to this utter SHITE. All due respect though, if you do enjoy the sound of a large box of silverware being thrown under a moving train, then she’s all yours.

  10. I remember going to MOMA (museum of modern art) in SF and being ready to love it. And really,really hating it. And I remember that feeling that maybe I’m not as avant garde as I want to think I am.

    This performance reminds of that feeling. Cuz I cannot listen to this noise.

  11. I can’t dig.

  12. Saying she broke up the Beatles is a shortcut to thinking. It’s been said a million times before that they were just plain sick of each other. Hell, watch the “Let It Be” documentary and tell me that they didn’t loathe each other…that atmosphere was toxic.

    Is it cool that Yoko is able to perform at the age of 81? Yes.

    Does her voice make me want to jab railroad spikes into kittens? Yes.

    I “get” what she’s been doing, but I can’t get into it. For me, “Don’t Worry Kyoko” sounds like it was written after Yoko heard “Trout Mask Replica” and said “Oh shit, I’m not weird enough…”

  13. It’s the song of a woman keening over her lost daughter and it is excellent. Beatles fans have been angry and humorless about Yoko forever and although she is a serious artist, she also employs humor – the two are not mutually exclusive. The Redd Kross side project Tater Totz incited a crowd of Beatles fans with this song at BeatleFest in 1988. The hilarious video is on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8kmcjGtS2s

  14. Ask yourself one question. If Yoko had not married a Beatle, would we be talking about her today? The honest answer is no. End of story.

  15. She’s had a few decades to get used to people, professional and not, saying WAY MEANER shit about her, so I’m thinking she can probably deal with some Youtube commenters not liking her music.

  16. Whenever I follow a link that leads me to reddit I’m reminded of how everyone on reddit is the worst. If you want to know whether or not someone is a complete shithead, just inquire about their relationship to reddit.

    Also, I remain steadfastly pro-Yoko.

  17. Yayyy YOKO!!! Don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry……such a groove… I LOVE IT!!!! n tbh quite glad some of you don’t!! Still got it babe!! ;-) xxxxxxx

  18. THANK YOU! Since I was a child I have defended Yoko to anyone would listen, as I see the hate as perpetuated racism and sexism from all the way back when she married John. WTF is wrong with people? Anyway, good to know some media outlets don’t stoop

  19. I have loved and adored her for many decades, John Lennon would be so proud of her!!! He was attract to her because she is a fearless performance artist and uniquely herself. You either appreciate that or you don’t!! I can only hope to be so amazing at 81!! She is my inspiration and considering that her man and father of her child was shot down in front of her, she never became bitter or cynical, she just continued to spread peace and love!! Love you YOKO!!!

  20. Love you Yoko Ono.for what you are doing..Glastonbury Festival (official) ..Loves You.What about this,this is the most terrible thing being a ambassador of the Bear-Hunt like James Hetfield thats why..No More Metallica for Me..
    and what about ‪#‎Glastallica‬ by @MetallicaTV .

  21. After reading this article I decided to watch the video with as open a mind as possible, and I always try to keep my comments on any site as positive as possible and try to avoid negativity. I appreciate artistic expression and creativity, and Yoko is free to express herself in any way she wants, but I firmly believe that if you put a non-famous performer on the stage and they sounded like that, they would get boo’d. I wanted to like it, I really did, but unconventional and avant garde just aren’t enough for me. But, to each their own!

    • It’s not even particularly avant garde by today’s standards, and if it’s no longer avant garde, than what’s left?

      • exactly my feelings. though if some guys still seem to find this inspirational or whatever (stereogum facebook is flooded with ravin comments) then I guess there’s still some sense in what she does. I found it downright terrible.

  22. Anyone who thinks she did NOT “break up” The Beatles really needs to read Tony Bramwell’s GREAT book, “Magical Mystery Tours: My Life With The Beatles”. HE was there… As to the “Let it Be” movie. I have it on DVD and yes, there was tension. However…

  23. Yoko is awesome and knows rhythm, and she is kick ass as they would say today . wake up “Don’t worry be happy “, and love . The ones who put Yoko down, do not know a thing about singing , performing and having a good time

  24. Say what you want about Yoko, but that’s some groove Ira, James and Georgia are building. Not surprised that most people on YT don’t even know that’s Yo La Tengo.

  25. well done Yoko…still creating controversy never boring…

  26. Kudos to her for being 81 and being on stage like that, but damn, that was just awful. If you actually enjoy that shit, you might be a crazy person.

    • If you’re allowed to claim that anybody enjoying this must be “a crazy person”, then I am perfectly within my rights to conclude that anybody who did not enjoy it must be a boring person.

      I was in the front row for this. You can actually see me at one point, dancing and wiping away manly tears.

      I rate it as one of the five best shows I’ve ever seen. Beautiful songs of love, hope, peace and defiance as sung by a woman who’s seen it all.

      Now go away, Mick, you’re boring.

  27. I love Yoko! She was a well respected artist BEFORE she met John Lennon. She has survived with grace the criticism of mean people who claim some loyalty to John…but John loved her, loved and revered her art and her creativity. Yoko has done nothing but GOOD things with her fame. She is consistently loving to a world that can be so cold. She is an inspiration to me and to many others. Her most current music rocks and inspires many young artists to want to play with her. I saw her doing “Evil Woman” on youtube at her gallery opening and was moved to tears. If people aren’t getting what she’s doing…they just aren’t getting it. Everyone has a right to their opinion…but WHY be so mean and horrible? This woman has suffered enough, she lost her true love, she was hounded by haters….leave her alone and find something YOU like to do! Maybe you will be happier! check this out and just imagine you could be so cool when you are in your 80′s people! I’ll say it agin…I send so much love to Yoko Ono! https://soundcloud.com/yokoono/o-oh

  28. I saw a rip of Yoko’s Glastonbury Festival (official), gig, maybe one of many…
    So, here’s the thing kids: That’s Yoko. That’s what Yoko does. Why is this suddenly a surprise? You either dig it or you don’t. To suddenly shit bag her as though this is a new thing is just s sign of a pop culture knowledge deficit. You like what she does, and many do, or shut it… She’s still kicking a hole in it at 81. 81 ok? If you’re 20 something and you get that, then consider yourself culturally eclectic. I’m not saying like it, I’m just asking that you “get it”.

  29. I still think she looks like a trying-hard matronly japanese tourist who went up the stage and did a videoke rendition of the real song. LOL if this is high brow, then the rich can get away with anything including having a cat meowling on the tin roof and think it’s avante garde!

  30. Please people stop being mean, Yoko is talented, a classy woman, and a wonderful human being, I hope I will look as good when I’m 81.

  31. I like it when stereogum has these posts that bring in the hardcore fans from other circles that we don’t normally get around here.

  32. A quote from Yoko I find particularly inspiring. From “Revelations” a song on her 1995 album “Rising”:

    “Bless you for your anger/It’s a sign of rising energy/ Bless you for you greed/It’s a sign of great capacity/…

    I love her! I am calling her my “Soul Mother”…because she inspires me!

  33. Yoko kicks ass.

  34. She is, quite obviously to most people, a talentless hack who’s famous for being married to a truly talented musician. The part about how it’s “different” and “artsy” and all the other lame excuses for how awful she is just doesn’t hold any weight whatsoever. We’re (the masses) told by a few nut-cases (the lost souls who think Lennon could do no wrong) that we just don’t “get it”. Ok. The majority of us don’t get it.

    I have no doubt that I firmly know what musical talent is — and what it ain’t. And she just ain’t. Get over it.

    By the way, I love YLT. Absolutely love them, more than most of you would ever know or comprehend. But I have no issue disagreeing with their being a part of this atrocity on the ears. Shame on you Ira, Georgia and James. Shame.

    • Every single word in your above summation is perfection. She’s awful. And I love avant garde and experimental music. And I DO know the difference between good and bad. I’d be willing to be the vast majority of people that claim to “love her and love her musical expression” listen to her zero times a month.
      This kind of nonsense is the music that people that want to lord their musical breadth hold over the rest of us that “don’t understand”. No, we fully understand. She’s really, really bad. Always has been.

  35. Almost as bad as Kanye’s singing (with or without his trusty Auto-Tune!) Sorry Stereogum, I know you guys think that idiot is a genius! (which I think is highly comedic!) ;)

    • It doesn’t even matter whether she’s a genius or not, but for a site to claim “there’s no way [the audience] could have predicted the ear-splitting squeals that she ‘sang’ into the microphone” is pretty misinformed.

  36. It’s just Yoko being Yoko, it’s what she’s always done. And it was rebellious for it’s times. Now it’s like what it was originally intended for …’Primal Whaling’ from Primal mankind. The problem is, we now live in a futuristic world of people so programmed to look ahead, they never bothered to look back at where it all started.
    And Yoko and John were doing a lot of Heroin in the days when these original song concepts were recorded. And she’s 81 yrs old.
    There’s a lot not really in her favor here.

  37. Yoko Ono isn’t a talentless artist….depending on the medium she chooses to work in. If she were an actual Musician that could offset her avant guard work with something more conventional then I’d give this one to her but in today’s day and age – and this performance – She’s a bit irrelevant. People are defending her because…well, she can still sell a bridge to pretentious suckers. They can’t tell the difference between the unconventionally awful and the unconventionally good. My takeaway from this performance is they wanted her name on the bill to hype ticket sales to the festival and she took up valuable space where a more talented artist could’ve done something more profound and communicated it clearer. At the end of the day, there’s a Senior Citizen doing flipper impressions on a mic with a band backing her. The only cute part about this performance is she’s assaulting our senses while telling us not to worry. 30 seconds of that joke would’ve sufficed.

  38. Personal taste is certainly one thing, but not knowing or wanting to understand 1) history 2) a deeper meaning in something is only ignorance. I’m forever grateful to L. Bernstein and being able to attend one of his lectures on how to listen to music. While Yoko may not always be my choice to listen & relax to, she is a very talented artist & should be respected. Was there once was a time when people where more restrained in showing their IGNORANCE…………..? NO, now it’s just easier.

  39. Yoko is a brilliant conceptual artist and musician. She worked with John Cage and Ornette Coleman to name a few that many Beatles fans may not have heard of. Rock on with your bad self Yoko. I love you.

    • Collaborations are most definately a great yardstick by which an artist can be measured. I remember when Sting and Jimmy Page both sought out and collaborated with one of the great musical talents of this (or any) generation……

      Puff Daddy.

    • I’m a Beatles fan, and I find John Cage and Ornette Coleman interesting. Same with LaMonte Young, Sun Ra, Stockhausen, et al, but have a hard time believing I’d even know who Yoko Ono is had John Lennon not taken a shine to her.

  40. Yoko broke up the Beatles? That’s some BS. Actually, three major things contributed to that: 1) stress of near-constant touring (complete with death threats and record burnings after John’s ‘bigger than Jesus statement,’ as well their disastrous tour of the Philippines) and superstar status, 2) Brian Epstein’s death, and 3) the members getting older, marrying, starting families, etc. John himself wanted to break up the band after Brian died, but it was Paul most of all who convinced them all to keep going as long as they did. The band sort of dragged itself along after that until no one could stand it anymore. And do I think Yoko Ono would be known without marrying John? Maybe not to the same extent, but people forget she was already a serious artist for years before even meeting him. Some other things: “Don’t Worry, Kyoko” is about Yoko trying to send a message to her daughter who was basically kidnapped by her ex-husband, and who refused to let Yoko see her for years. Also, I remember reading somewhere that John had heard The B-52s in a club (“Rock Lobster,” I believe) and thought that they sounded like Yoko’s music and it was one of the things that inspired him to get back into the studio again after retiring to be a ‘househusband.’

  41. I posted something like this in response on Facebook, but I want to repeat it.

    Yoko’s improvisational work is a hit or miss affair, really. Some of it is actually quite enjoyable: I’ve always liked Don’t Worry, the Plastic Ono Band album she released alongside John’s has some great tracks like Why, Why Not, AOS, Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage Across the City, and then there’s the Rising stuff like Rising and I’m Dying. But I’ve gotten to the point where I wish Yoko would go on stage and sing Death of Samantha, Kite Song, Mrs. Lennon, Winter Friend, Goodbye Sadness, or It’s Alright because she gives the impression that all she does is this screaming thing, which sometimes doesn’t work right on stage (this performance was mostly fine though imo), when in fact most of her music exhibits intelligence, decent to good singing (if you can enjoy Bob Dylan, then Yoko’s actual songs shouldn’t bother you at all), great lyrics, and good and creative production.

    What I would do to see Yoko sing Catman live! I’ve been a huge fan of hers since I was a early teen, and trust me mostly it was because she can write damn good songs.

  42. The woman cannot sing at all. Never could and never will be able to. She was John Lennon’s wife, and as such she is interesting for many. Mr Lennon loved her, so do I as many others do…But she cannot sing. Sorry.

  43. What is wrong with you people?! There is so much to appreciate here – a great heavy churning performance from Yo La Tengo, and an incredible over-the-top blues howl from a living legend. So many people seem to hate Yoko for reasons that have nothing to do with what they’re seeing and hearing here. Why waste time comparing her to a band that broke up 40 years ago? instead you should be excited to hear something that challenges your expectations, and grateful to see another incredible performance from this beautiful, talented and still relevant 81-year old artist.

    • I think it’s quite the opposite, people are mostly hating this for exactly what they are seeing and hearing, and not looking past the performance because of who she is.

      • As usual…you and I are on the same page. I don’t really give a rip about her past work. What I’ve heard seemed like drivel but I never really took the time to actually give it the time of day. And I think The Beatles broke up for a myriad of reasons. And if she was one of them I’d be willing to bet it’s a rather small slice of that particular hate pie.

        I hate this because it sucks ass.

    • Is it really that unbelievable that people think this sounds bad? It might have “artistic merit” but there’s just no technical prowess (on Yoko’s part). I would venture to say that her role isn’t even musical. It’s almost spoken word (or screaming word as it were). When I hear this, all I can think is how it might sound nice if there was singing (in-key) over YLT’s performance instead of Yoko. If I’m presented with either howling over good music or singing over good music, I’ll always choose the latter. And I’m 100% sure the majority of music fans would too. So, in summary, it’s more unbelievable that a person would like this than not. Oh, and you’re content going through life “appreciating” art? I’d much rather feel it fully and actually enjoy it than simply “appreciate”

      • You know, it’s fine if you don’t like it, and really this is a pretty weak performance from Yoko (I don’t think it’s as bad as a lot of people are saying). But there have been lots of things said in forums like reddit that no one could possibly like Yoko’s music unless they were hipster douches, and my 20 years experience of listening and loving Yoko’s music would thus be labelled as such. I discovered Yoko when I was pretty young and I am as much of a fan of her as people are of David Bowie or Dylan. It annoys me that my genuine enthusiasm for her music is so casually dismissed on the basis of weird legacy performances she is giving in her 80s.

        I’d like to point out that for decades Yoko has put out tons of music of different styles. The improvisational work really isn’t my favorite stuff of hers, though there are exceptions, and most of that stuff is even more awkward when she performs it now because at 81 her voice and vocal “style” (if you can even call it that anymore lol) has changed. She used to actually put thought into these performances (well, there were times where she just sort of moaned in the background to John singing, but let’s just ignore that because well it really only happened live with John) instead of sort of going with the flow and warbling. If you have an open mind, I’d suggest looking into her Plastic Ono Band album and the tracks Why, Why Not, and AOS, and I definitely recommend checking out Approximately Infinite Universe, which is a great double CD of rock, sort of pseudo punk, blues-like songs, with lots of humor and great lyrics for the most part.

  44. For some reason I expected worse from this video. All the hype and shit but then I watched it and remembered that this was Yoko Ono and that I wouldn’t expect less from her.

    Also holy shit she’s 81! She honestly doesn’t look older then 60 at the most.

  45. I guess most here forgot that, Low, played a 30 minute all drone set last year at some big festival ? Lol

  46. Hooray for the internet, bringing communities together to bitch about other things on the internet

    And hooray for me, who, by bitching about said bitching, continues this lemniscate of undeserved anger.

  47. Damn, people, this isn’t even that avant garde. It’s like some of y’all have never heard a singer with an unconventional voice. Whatever happened the indie scene that championed weirdos with strange voices like Jeff Mangum, Joanna Newsom, Daniel Johnston, Bjork, etc etc?

    Based on some of these responses, I was expecting some totally batshit out-there noise and caterwauling. What I heard was not really all that weird, and plenty rockin’.

    • But it’s not just the unconventional voice, It’s that, and well, everything else. And like you said, it’s not really that avant garde, I’m judging mostly just this performance and it sounds like bad 90′s festival rock.

  48. OMG she’s amazing! The avant-garde will always be misunderstood by idiots. This would be wonderful in any case – at 81 years old it;s incredible.

    • Well, now who’s being mean!?

    • Last year, I saw an 89 year old Roy Haynes DESTROY it on drums. THAT was incredible. This sounded horrible and I will not pretend it was good because she’s 81 and she’s Yoko Ono so I have to think everything she does is great.

    • this isn’t avant-garde. Avant-garde is (and has always been) a relative term. What was avant garde in the 60s is no longer shocking. The Velvet Underground were even considered avant garde for a while! Ha! These days I put on a VU record and it sounds so normal that people barely notice it.

      • “I Heard Her Call My Name”, “Sister Ray,” “Black Angel’s Death Song,” “The Murder Mystery” or “European Son” will never be played on any radio station except for college radio. A large swath of the population would still find their squall to be shocking. Even metal fans would say it’s tuneless noise. They certainly were avant-garde in the 60′s. Now? They’re certainly not normal or unnoticeable.

        • Unless of course it’s satellite radio and you’re listening to the VU station. Maybe you’re right about people still finding them avant-garde, but I don’t. And believe me, that is NOT a knock on them. They’re one of my 10 favorite bands ever.

  49. I don’t think this is an issue of understanding ‘avant-garde’ or not….you can’t claim that if someone doesn’t like one thing then don’t understand avant-garde. For avant-garde to even exist as a genre then there needs to be a full spectrum, both good and bad avant-garde.

    In terms of this performance, there’s a few things working against it – a bad mix to start. To be honest YLT are not holding it together very well either, the drum groove sounds fairly weak.

    It doesn’t need to be this whole ‘you don’t GET IT man’ attitude – sometimes avant-garde people have a bad live-to-air stream, it happens

    • I gotta admit the studio version sounds a hell of a lot better, and while I wouldn’t expect Yoko to be able to belt it and go nuts like that anymore, YLT’s instrumentals don’t compare to the original either.

      • Exactly. She’s 81 years old and can’t quite replicate that guitar feedback noise she used to make. So now she does the warble thing.

        I wonder what the rest of the set had. Was it all the screaming stuff, or did it touch on any of her more “normal” music. In any case, Yoko can be fairly awkward live – sometimes I think because she is generally not playing to a receptive audience, but she still goes for it anyway.

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