Bob Mould and Craig Finn

Noisey’s Made In America series travels to different cities around the country to discuss the local music scene with native musicians. The newest installment, “Made In Minnesota,” features chats about the past and present of Twin Cities music with tour guides/Minnesota rock heroes Bob Mould, Tommy Stinson, Craig Finn, and Lori Barbero (whose band, Babes In Toyland, recently confirmed a reunion). In the video, you can see the site of the Replacements’ Let It Be album cover, a hair salon that used to be a record store where Hüsker Dü rehearsed, and a “hidden beach.” Watch below.

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  1. really great video I love learning about music history and seeing old photos of the greats like Husker Du and The Replacements. Its strange to me though as much as I love this stuff visiting old rock monuments or “famous” places has always been lost on me I don’t really see the point. Anyways shouts out to Protomartyr for being used in the beginning shit was tight

  2. As a Minnesota native who sold out and moved away, this is about as nostalgia inducing as it gets.
    Craig Finn nailed it; you rep your love of the twin cities like it was a team.

  3. Fun clip! Thanks, Noisey! Every city could have one of these! When’s Chicago’s clip coming?

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