Girlfriend Of The Year, better known as GFOTY, is one of the key producers in the PC Music collective that’s brought us recent 5 Best Songs Of The Week tracks like Hannah Diamond’s “Attachment” and A. G. Cook’s “Beautiful.” She’s probably best known for her Secret Mix and her contributions to the label’s six-way “pass the mic”-style DISown Mix (which would be in the running for my favorite album of the year were it not just a mix). Her new single, “Don’t Wanna/Let’s Do It,” first appeared in the latter of those, and it makes for a solid introduction to her unique (even for this label) style.

Unlike the sugary pop of PC Music singers like Hannah Diamond or Princess Bambi, GFOTY twists her vocals, wrapping them into warped inhuman knots that bounce along her cacophonous but glitzy productions. It definitely falls on the Lipgloss Twins end of the label’s very wide spectrum, but the only thing she really reminds me of here, shockingly, is the late Timmy Taylor of Brainiac, one of the finest singers ever to mangle his own vocals electronically. Listen and download below, but as always the song is best experienced through the website custom-made for it.

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