Rome Fortune - "Lights Low"

Back in May, we bore witness to an unexpected convergence of the laconic, idiosyncratic Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune and the extremely busy head-expanding British producer Four Tet, who doesn’t exactly crank out a lot of rap beats. That song was called “One Time For,” and it was really good. The same pair has teamed up again for a track called “Lights Low,” on which Rome mutters cool stream-of-consciousness mumbo jumbo over a delicately kaleidoscoping synth pattern. It’s a total chillout tent monster, and you can hear it below.

Let’s cross our collective fingers for more of these; a whole album like this would be choice.

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  1. Like you Tom I’ve got my fingers tightly crossed that they can issue a whole album of this. ‘Beautiful Pimp 2′ is still one of my favorite tapes from the year, but Fortune over an album’s worth of this kind of stuff would blow that out of the water.

  2. Digging the collabs so far. Could go for an album as well. Interested in what a Riff Raff / Four Tet track might sound like… OWWWOOOOOOOO!

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