The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream

It’s always fun to learn what music your favorite musicians are listening to, and Billboard asked a shit-ton of artists who they’re liking, compiling the results into a quick-moving video. Some takeaways! Sam Smith is absolutely cool picking an album that he hasn’t heard yet: “I love Lana’s album. I haven’t heard it yet, but I love ’West Coast.’” Lots of artists are happy to ignore the calendar, picking songs from last year or even years past. Janelle Monáe is willing to pick her own album from last year. Lots of people like the War On Drugs, as well they should. Rappers like Pharrell. Interpol are into Drake, proving that the lothario-blues connection cuts across genre lines. A$AP Ferg feels a very urgent need to work with Sia. Watch the whole video below.

Nobody mentioned the Frozen soundtrack, which means every single one of these people is straight fronting.

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  2. I love Sam’s album so much!!! I haven’t heard it yet but I love it.

  3. interesting how a good 2/3 of this is from last year…

  4. This makes me feel ashamed for being TOO “with it”

    the artists themselves don’t give a shit like we do….

    Gotta love Janelle though, she’s so special.

    • To be fair, a lot of those artists are on the road and, you know, working, and not scouring all the music blogs for the latest thing. Also, I’m sure they are trying to big up their friends.

  5. Oh god. Janelle’s shrug. Perfection.

  6. Ugh. Modern popular music is not good.

  7. How about Cibo Matto’s Hotel Valentine, best album from 2014 I have heard yet. Kind of suprised that such good musicians can have kind of shitty taste in music. lol Interpol giving props to Drake? Well to each his own.

  8. Horrible picks. Queens came out last year and the Beck is okay. That’s it. No wonder these artists suck.

  9. Here’s a weird aside…..of all the musicians I know (or have heard the opinion of)……. they almost always have horrific taste in music. It’s a really weird thing. Invariably when I hear an artist I love interviewed they say something along these lines…

    Q “So what are you listening to lately, insanely gifted and nuanced artist guy?”

    A “I’ve been listening to quite a bit of that Duran Duran side project, Arcadia.”

    And I’m watching it thinking “What the F!!!”

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