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Last Friday was a federal holiday so there was no Shut Up, Dude. But I don’t wanna leave last week’s winners and losers hanging, so below we’ve got the highest and lowest rated comments from 6/27-7/3 and then from 7/4-7/10 and then a single editor’s choice for the last two weeks. Read ’em and weep/celebrate. Also I have an advance of the new Weird Al album, AMA.



Corinne Lopez | Jul 2nd Score:19

I’ve bought music by CHVRCHES but not Linkin Park, so there’s my commentary on Mike Shinoda’s music.

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#9 raptor jesus | Jul 3rd Score:19

Really great to see Ariana Grande #BreakFree and that’s all I got.

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Chris McCarthy | Jul 2nd Score:21

Didn’t this guy’s band ride the wave of rap-metal that was big in the early aughts? They were part of a deluge, too, they just survived it.

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#7 Scott Lapatine | Jun 27th Score:23

Do you guys want a new poll w/ just your 10 highest voted suggestions? Real Estate, Spoon, Mac DeMarco, etc? We can scrap the old one and start fresh…

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Hank Above Skies | Jul 2nd Score:28

Well at least the comedy is over now, no more “we hate mainstream/majors but we do a clip produced by MTV and get a contract with Epic records”, no more “Let’s put out a mixtape with a dick on the cover to get some media coverage and piss off our label”, no more “let’s make people watch a fake show with no one on stage when they payed to see us”, and “let’s cancel our tour cause fuck this we don’t owe anyone anything”.
I’m pretty sure even though they disrespected their fans until the end, those fans are gonna clap and buy into the whole “oh it’s an art project so it all makes sense for us to be treated like morons”.

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Matthew Greensleeves | Jul 2nd Score:28

Surprised this break-up note wasn’t scrawled on a penis.

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#4 straymo | Jul 3rd Score:34

I love this song, but Washed Out’s “Feel It All Around” is the eternal summer jam. 2009 4 eva <3

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Dylan Starr Joian Kates | Jul 2nd Score:37

Linkin Park is metal for high school kids. They are Disney metal.

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#2 Spikelee3000 | Jul 2nd Score:40

RIP Death Grips.

In lieu of flowers, please send pictures of your penis.

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#1 crania americana | Jul 2nd Score:91

Seems like all the greats break up via napkin announcement. There’s Death Grips, my seventh grade girlfriend and I, uh… well that’s about it, but still, it’s a powerful medium.

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Tim Curtin | Jul 3rd Score:-8

but, but, but, but this song sucks and isn’t summery and and and and and just make it the plainly obvious choice – Real Estate – Talking Backwards.

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Tim Curtin | Jul 3rd Score:-9


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Eddie McMenamin | Jul 2nd Score:-13

I mean, to be fair, Chvrches, Haim and Vampire Weekend is fucking Disney music.

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Tim Curtin | Jul 2nd Score:-14

feel good, inc. is #1. come on people, don’t over think it.

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Alex Galbraith | Jul 3rd Score:-18

Agreed. This whole album is so damn boring. It’s a terrible choice for SOTS.

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#10 ellisdean | Jul 8th Score:14

Saying she broke up the Beatles is a shortcut to thinking. It’s been said a million times before that they were just plain sick of each other. Hell, watch the “Let It Be” documentary and tell me that they didn’t loathe each other…that atmosphere was toxic.

Is it cool that Yoko is able to perform at the age of 81? Yes.

Does her voice make me want to jab railroad spikes into kittens? Yes.

I “get” what she’s been doing, but I can’t get into it. For me, “Don’t Worry Kyoko” sounds like it was written after Yoko heard “Trout Mask Replica” and said “Oh shit, I’m not weird enough…”

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#9 blochead | Jul 7th Score:15

i remember when the “new wave” bands starting showing up on classic rock stations. And that freaked me out. That’s when I decided it’s a 20 year thing. If it’s 20 years old and still on the radio (or whatever format you want to pick) it’s classic rock.

I like this topic because I’m 48 and I cannot believe how many of my friends are still locked into 1990-1995. Nirvana and Pearl Jam are now classic rock. Deal with it. (and maybe move on……)

Also, there is no “magical era” for music. There’s great crap and horrible crap from every era. But this much is for damn sure….ask somebody the following two questions and you will get the same two answers….

Q “When was the best music made?
A “When i was 16-24 years old”

Q “When did all the new music start to suck?”
A “When I was 24-28 years old”

PS – I LOVED Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Just like I now love Grimes and Washed Out. Cuz I’m never giving up checking out new music. And on some level I’ll always be a kid. And that’s awesome.

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#8 raptor jesus | Jul 7th Score:16

Hopefully this is the silver lining Kliph needs to move on.

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#7 jennyintrouble | Jul 7th Score:16

This is them trying to get us “off their backs?” It’s like they failed at being disappointing.

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#6 kb310 | Jul 7th Score:17

Jack White’s gonna be pissed about this one

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#5 Michael Nelson | Jul 9th Score:18

It’s funny you say that! There was absolutely zero condescension intended, although I worried maybe I came off a little too pithy. To be clear, I both was and am a fan of the albums you mentioned, and I actually like this song a lot, but I couldn’t find much to say about it that was more insightful than, “It sounds like Interpol.” I mean that as a compliment! This is a good song, and if the rest of the album is this good, El Pintor will probably be the third best Interpol album. But that’s basically definitely its ceiling, right? Honestly, this song doesn’t suggest to me that the band’s best days are ahead of them. Also, FWIW, I loved “The Heinrich Maneuver” when that song came out, and I couldn’t wait for Our Love To Admire, and that album was a total letdown, so I’m inclined to approach this one with cautious optimism. But I am optimistic, and I’d be much happier if Interpol were to release a great album that makes my pithiness here look shortsighted than a mediocre (or bad) album that makes my pithiness look prescient.

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Adam Wenn | Jul 10th Score:18

Oct 15th ’14 by Tom Breihan @ 4:27pm

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Ben Leighton | Jul 7th Score:24

This just doesn’t feel like a healthy friendship. Nor a good film.

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#1 cheap_suit | Jul 7th Score:24

I used to be like, “Eh, this band hasn’t done anything good in a long time but you have to respect their commitment to every hokey art school freshman idea that pops into their heads.”

But you know what? I was wrong. You really, really don’t have to respect it.

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Elvia Melendez-Ackerman | Jul 7th Score:-6

Yikes! I’ve never done drugs and after seen this video I think it is safe to say that I never will.

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#4 iheartmonsterpuss | Jul 7th Score:-6

I don’t know if there was anything “funny” about this story. But allow me to summarize for anyone who doesn’t want to read a novel.
This dude heard something for free and liked it. Then bought tickets to see the band, but got buyers remorse and nervously avoided paying for the album, then got to the venue and waited again to purchase because why look like one of those guys carrying around an album at a show. then the band didn’t sound amazing, so again – saved from buying the album. As luck would have it – he never paid for any music, but he wishes he hand’t paid for the show because it was no good.
long story short: never take advice from the cute girl at work as to what to listen to because you’ll end up dragging your wife to a show that she hates while you try to look cool, but ultimately get bummed when you don’t see the girl from work – who you’d hoped would give you a congratulatory handjob in the breakroom in exchange for your ticket stubb, but meanwhile now you can’t even jerk off at home because your wife wants to punch your ears off for making her listen to A Sunny Day in Glasgow when she wanted to watch True Blood and listen to Ellie Goulding.
Long Story Super Short: Never commit to buying any music because there’s always going to be a better place to spend your money when the internet offers countless places to stream for free or little money – also, fuck that cute girl in accounting with the bullshit taste in music and the asshole boyfriend with the cool beard i hate that guy and uuuggghh!!!

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Jean Michel Chasseur | Jul 8th Score:-7

I think you have severe problems if you can’t appreciate avant garde art & music from the 60s and 70s.

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Donovan Farley | Jul 8th Score:-7

Great performance… was the SXSW comment relevant or necessary? “I saw a band years ago and at a ludicrous music festival and they seemed tired so this television appearance surprised me.”

Cool story bro.

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Caps Hammer Caps | Jul 9th Score:-11

Interpol and Franz Ferdinand need to stop and……just stop

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crania americana | Jun 30th Score:1

I’m kind of creeped out, because this is how most of my Pearl Jam fan faction pieces end.

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  2. So uh…. how is the new Weird Al album? Hows the polka?

    • It’s as fun as a Weird Al album normally is. “Tacky” (the Pharrell parody) and “Foil” (Lorde) are probably the most successful. And there’s an amusing original song, “Mission Statement,” that’s all corporate jargon sung in the style of CSN. The polka is good, too: he does “Pumped Up Kicks,” “Gangnam Style,” “Call Me Maybe,” “Thrift Shop,” “Timber,” “Somebody That I Used To Know,” “Get Lucky,” etc…

  3. I actually agree with what Caps Hammer Caps said

  4. I’ve been listening to ‘Free Your Mind’ a lot lately since the deluxe version is coming out soon, and MAN, that’s a great album. When it first came out I didn’t like it as much as Zonoscope, but it’s grown on me a ton since then. It’s a shame it went slightly underrated. (It’s also a near-perfect summer album, I think.)

    • I like Free Your Mind a lot too, and I’m still not sure why there seemed to be a non-response to it.

      I’m not liking this trend of band putting out deluxe editions of albums out a few months after they come out, though. Presumably the target audience are the fans who’d already paid for the original. If there’s new or leftover material, I’d rather see it as a standalone release.

  5. Hi all, I had a record out a few weeks ago, I think some of the regulars here might be interested. As a long time reader of Stereogum I think it has occasionally been deemed acceptable to post your own music as long as you’re not obnoxious about it. If you’re into Brit indie at all it might be up your street. I think a few of you might be interested. Anyway you can read a bit about it and listen here:

  6. OH I totally forgot to mention this story earlier…on July 4th I was at a family party type thing, and I met this guy. He was wearing a My Morning Jacket shirt, so naturally we began talking. Everything was going smoothly, conversation-wise and all, and then we started talking about going to shows. He told me he LOVED going to shows, and I said ME TOO. And so I asked him if he’s seen anyone recently, and he said he saw a band a couple of weeks ago. So I asked who?! AND HE SAID 311 AND I NEARLY LOST MY SHIT. But because I have decent party manners, I smiled, nodded my head, and said “wow that must have been a great show.”

    • You should’ve said, “Yeah, I love The Hold Steady too *wink*”


      • Come to think of it, I probably just met Dtitties IRL

        • you’d know if you met me on account of DA 10 TON D IF YA SMELL WHAT DONTONNA IS COOKIN’
          Note the wiki page is still going strong on the hold steady connection – encyclopedias aren’t wrong I know because I had encarta 1998 in addition to and as well as funk and wagnalls #knowledge #power


  7. _____ ‘em if they don’t understand my genius bitch
    I be Albert Einstein times a million bitch
    -Lil B

    Shut up, Brah.

    Saw Dino Jr last night and they KICKeD ASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!


    I just heard “Inside Out” off the Spoon 10″ record stores are giving away for pre-ordering “They Want My Soul” and it is one of the greatest Spoon songs ever.

    Thought you should know, first.

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