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  • 4 Knots Festival 2014
Mac DeMarco

This past weekend, 4Knots Festival 2014 took place in its usual location at the South Street Seaport in NYC. It’s a great festival for a few reasons: The location is incredible; admission is free; it’s only one day so there’s not much of a time commitment; and it always manages to cram in a ton of great bands. This year the heavy hitters were Dinosaur Jr., Mac DeMarco, Speedy Ortiz, and Viet Cong. We sent our photographer Matthew Smith to capture the entire event via performance photos, behind-the-scenes portraits, and shots of the excited crowd. He was on hand when a fan gifted DeMarco a pig fetus with him tattooed on it as a naked mermaid, so check out that moment below and pics of everything else in the gallery above.

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  1. Which idiot thought it was a good idea to give the sound booth a big white tent and put it front and center, so everyone not in the first ~10 rows couldn’t see shit? And what’s with the confinement of beer drinkers to a tiny penned-in area all the way in the back?

    4Knots is a pale, pale imitation of Siren Fest. I hate to spread bad vibes, it was a nice day and all, but bring it back to Coney Island already.

    • You’re right about everything.

      A couple of other observations: I had no idea Mac DeMarco was so popular. I think he’s fine –– the albums are solid, if not really something I get super excited about –– but I was nonetheless pretty surprised by the huge crowd he drew. To boot, many of his legion of fans were displaying some remarkably shitty concert behavior –– most of them seemed to be 19 year old bros who are really into showing up to things late and pushing their way through the crowd only to leave two songs later. I was just trying to get a nice view for Dinosaur Jr. and enjoy the show, but boy was I besieged by dipshits. Thankfully most of them left before Dinosaur went on, so I had a nice view unobstructed by the tent –– and it was great! As were Speedy Ortiz and Nude Beach. Overall, I liked how free it was, and the line-up was solid, but the set-up wasn’t really ideal this year (which I think can be blamed in large part on the construction going on, so I’ll let it slide).

  2. I’m just glad to see the resurgence of bucket hats.

  3. UUUUUGHHH That friggin white sound tent, i had to crouch to under that dman thing, Macs set was really great though, all the tracks I wanted to hear!

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