Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again

The Torrance, California punk band Joyce Manor make a kind of bruised, battered punk rock which isn’t emo exactly, or even emo revival, but which can still kick you in the gut if you hear it in the right context. The band plays with a serious motor; the new Never Hungover Again is their third album and, at 19 minutes, their longest. But frontman Barry Johnson sings with a weary growl and a sense of perspective that reminds me of Blake Schwarzenbach on the first few Jawbreaker albums. (That’s a big compliment.) Never Hungover Again is streaming online now, and it won’t take up too much of your time to hear it, so give it a shot. It’s streaming at NPR.

Never Hungover Again is out 7/22 on Epitaph.

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  1. whole LP is 19 minutes long! Write a bridge section Joyce, if that even is your real name

  2. Loved this album! I know NPR was making Smith’s comparisons but I don’t hear it at all. The Jawbreaker comparison is pretty accurate though. These kids are talented much respect and much listening to be done

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