Bleachers - Strange Desire

Last week’s pop column sung the praises of Strange Desire, Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff’s full-length solo debut as Bleachers. One of the best songs on that album is “Take It Away,” a collaboration with Grimes. The gloomy chillwave ballad matches Antonoff’s James Murphy-via-David Bowie vocals with Claire Boucher’s breathy high-end coos. It’s excellent! Listen below.


Strange Desire is out 7/15 on RCA.

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  1. um. “James Murphy-via-David Bowie vocals”, are we listening to the same song

    i mean the song’s aight but that statement is just objectively incorrect

  2. KEWL!!! Grimes doing stuff with the guy from Fun.!!!

    That’s really awesome. Maybe Youth Lagoon could do a little ditty with Black Eyed Peas as well.

    ‘scuse me for a bit……gotta go find a high bridge to jump off.

  3. yeah, that makes three of us. I can’t hear anything that remotely sounds like either of those artists. Might as well have said “gloomy chillwave ballad matches Antonoff’s Ol Dirty Bastard-via-Nick Lachey vocals with Claire Boucher’s breathy high-end coos”. It would have been just as accurate.

  4. more like Jack Fuckrightoff

  5. This is awful. Nothing like James Murphy in the least. Trash song that will end up popular cause of Grimes and the guy who fucks Lena Dunham. I’m more worried about Grimes choices since she signed to Roc-a-fella. Not impressed.

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