The Book Of Life

The upcoming animated film Book Of Life has already got people pretty excited. It’s produced by Guillermo Del Toro, it’s got Ron Perlman, and it’s inspired by Day Of The Dead mythology (if anything it might get us one step closer to a Grim Fandango movie), but now there’s a whole other reason to get worked up: The film will feature mariachi and norteño versions of a few popular songs including Radiohead’s “Creep.” The covers are arranged by Gustavo Santaolalla, who also worked on original music for the film. The song isn’t available yet, but you can watch the trailer below.

(via Billboard)

Book Of Life is out 10/17.

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  1. When i first saw the trailer for this movie all I could think of was Grim Fandango, think they might be able to throw in a Manny Calavera cameo at least?

  2. Well….they do have studio time booked. might end up better than Kinf Of Limbs if they headed in a more Burrito friendly direction.

  3. Man, a Grim Fandango reference? Suddenly my fav SG contributor.

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